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Yesterday’s post was asking an important question about ‘Why backing out so soon?’ Today’s post which you may want to see as a sequel to that will look more at what can keep you on the track when others are long gone.
I used to hear, since I was a secondary school kid in Mayflower School, Ikenne, that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well and must be done with undivided attention. While that does not say all I need to say, it sure sets a pretty good foundation for whatever needs to be said. If you believe that things that need to be done have to be done well and must be done with undivided attention then you are almost half way into finishing it.
The only other thing is that some people still do something that they don’t believe in with undivided attention until they get to that point where they don’t understand what they are even doing anymore. They can’t see results and when they look around there is no one to help. In that moment, if you don’t have a true cause it will be easier to go back.
I like the statement that David made in the Bible when his brothers challenged his uncommon courage. They thought he was doing what he was doing because he wanted to feel good or have a glimpse of what it is like to be a star among soldiers. He simply told them this is not about being a star or trying to outshine some people who don’t even know who they are. There is more to this than just trying to get attention. There is a real cause.
It is only a true cause that can keep you going despite all odds. You will lift your head sometimes and expect to see helpers but you will see no one. In a brief moment you may have those that will come around and keep you company but in the next they are gone and it’s all lonely again. When you thought that you help was finally coming you realized that things just seem to become worse. You will back out if there is no cause. You will not be told before you change your mind because there is no clear cut vision.
Even if there was a vision given to you by someone else, it still may not work as much as when you are the one who caught the vision and are ready to run with it anytime and any day. You need to note that some people will think that you are stupid. They will try to convince you that what you are doing makes no sense. If you listen long enough you will begin to consider logic and in no time you will be out of whatever it is that you said you believe in.
There will be people that you look up to who will also back out. There will be people that you almost made your standard and you will see them quitting sooner than you are even ready to. Don’t be surprised when some of those you call your mentors also give up and when they do, they show you how to give up without feeling bad or thinking that it was not yet time to quit. The only thing that can convince you otherwise in this situation is that true cause within you that gives you inner strength.
It’s important to note that if you will be able to get through anything in life because you have a real cause, that cause – purpose – must have been set out from the beginning. It is what keeps you running when there is no obvious reason to run.
As for me, it is that cause that makes me write daily when no one will punish me for not writing. It is that cause that makes me go late to bed sometimes or get up so early. That cause makes me do things that people are not ready to pay so much for even though they know the value and I keep getting stronger by the day.
You are reading this one because of my own cause. What exactly is your own cause and how are you fairing with it? How much energy is it giving you and how far do you think it can take you even when others are already looking back and you are lonely?   

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