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I think I have tried severally to trust people around and to believe their words whenever they promise they will help with something or give the impression that they can help. A number of times my hope has been raise and I have waited and waited just for nothing. There were times when the people who promised to even do business with me looked like people who will never deceive you or you will easily say in your mind, ‘these are not the kind of people who will say something and not stick to their words.’ When such promises come, I begin to calculate and as well sometimes make promises to other people because some people have made a promise to me. In many cases, it has turned out to be very disappointing for me when I begin to call and send emails or text messages and nothing seems to be forthcoming. While I really don’t understand what is going on with those who have made promises to me, I also have my integrity to protect with those I have made promises to.
Life has been very funny and one of the most important lessons I think I can pass down to my children and grandchildren is that only God can help you. He is the one who will promise and never fail. I have never seen the man who does not have the ability to fail you except if God helps the man. In some cases I have come to also understand that those people who are making promises to you sometimes do not intend to fail you. When they were making the promises they really wanted to keep the promise and they were working towards the promise but something may just come up and they will not be able to fulfill their promise. That shows you the limitation of man! Only God can make a promise to you and nothing can stop him from performing what he has said he will do to you or through you or for you. Every other person will only make you a promise while hoping that things will go as they have planned.
There are those who also just want to sound nice to your hears! They want to brag in the presence of other people. They will promise you heaven and earth but as soon as the crowd is gone then you will be left with the reality that these people really had no intention to do anything for you but they still wanted to appear good in the presence of others! By now you should have learnt from the things happening around or from the many promises that people would have made to you. An uncle can promise to help you and totally forget about you. Your parents may want to help you and become incapacitated. Friends may claim they will help you but then they have their own issues to deal with. There are those who also have their own serious secret pains who cannot help you but they don’t want to look bad in your presence and they promise they will do something.
When you even look at the help that some others will render to you, you can conclude that it would have been better if they did not bother to help you at all. They will offer to help you with something little and nearly ask for your head in return. Some will offer to help you with conditions and the conditions are as good as saying you should remove your heart for them before they can help you.
I think we can go on and on to talk about how men or women and promise heaven or earth to you and still fail you in the last minute. Let’s forget about those limited human beings and focus wisely on the unlimited being who can promise and deliver on His promise without any projected risk or hindrance coming his way! Only God can help you. I’ll suggest that you turn to the God who can help you in everything at every time without any condition attached to the help. He’s the only one who loves us unconditionally. He is the one who loves us not for the cars we ride or the houses we live in. He loves us not for the position we occupy or the influence we have in the society because all those things are nothing to Him and we can’t even get them without Him. I know some people will say but God will use men to bless us! Oh, yes! He will use men to bless us but the other part we must also remember is that He will choose the men He will use to bless us. So when you see men helping you unconditionally and just doing things for you without knowing you then you know that God chose them as channels to bless you.
Do you really need help? Are you done with all the failed promises of men? Would you want to get some promises and have them delivered? The only option is to turn to God because He alone can absolutely deliver on every promise and even do much more!
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