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Many leaders around the world talk about transformation and that is even the song on the lips on my own leaders at the moment. They think that they can just create some documents, have nice power points or some great TV commercials and the people will believe that they can truly transform the country or the jurisdiction they have to lead.
Transformation is not in what you say or even think that you will do. You can’t transform the people you are leading or the place you are leading just by doing very nice public relations. Take a look at all the leaders around the world who have truly done some transformation where they are. It is glaring that they did not do it with all the technological tools that we use to bamboozle the people we are trying to lead today.
If you are going to transform the people you lead or the place where you are leading you will need the real heart to transform. Transformation is not something that will just be on your lips and you think it can happen. You must have the people in your heart. It is important to have the goals, ambitions, welfare of those places and people first in your heart and truly love them before you can transform anything.
For example in Nigeria, the leaders that we had immediately after independence did so much for us yet the resources they had in those days was very limited. Through those leaders we got the first Television station in Africa and they built infrastructure. Many of the things they built in those days are still there today that the present government is simply building on.
Those leaders served the people with their hearts and with their lives. Their commitment to leadership is nothing compared to many of the leaders we have today who are only after the money that the government has to offer them. That’s why they keep stealing and the people get nothing.
We have to transit from the lip-based transformation to the heart-based transformation. If you are a leader you must have a heart for your people. To have a heart for them means to seek their good first. Their own interest comes before your own interest. You are thinking about doing things for the good of the people and what you do is something that generations after generations will see.
Many leaders are even far away from the people yet they think that they know what the people need. You can’t possibly transform the lives of people you don’t know so well. You have no idea what they are really going through and the exact thing they need. Those who really have a heart for the people do it with all the energy in them and almost with their blood.
If you don’t know then you should pay attention to the fact that people know who their sincere leaders are and who the insincere leaders are. When their sincere leaders talk they can feel that connection with that leader. If you ever feel that you must lead then it is important for you to lead with a sincere heart because what whatever transformation you promise can only come from the heart if it will materialize.

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