Orchestration of events for your calling – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Orchestration of events for your calling | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
One sheep got missing and Sauls father told him to take a servant with him so that they could look for the lost sheep. They both set out to look for a lost sheep but Saul found out that God had already called him to be King over Israel! He was looking for a sheep but he found a calling! He never found the lost sheep because that was not the divine agenda but he found the real thing which was to be anointed as King. All the while the king of Israel was looking for a lost sheep! It means that before the event that turned his life around he was doing something that was far from what God had in mind for him!
God can use any event to launch you into destiny just as he has done with several people. We only need to be very sensitive to the events around us and see where each event is leading us. Some of them will seem absolutely irrelevant and I think He uses those ones the most just as we have seen in the Bible!
When certain things happen in our lives God can always use the events or deliberately prepare the events that will help us to discover our calling in life. Moses had run away from Egypt to be alone in a place after he killed someone who tormented a compatriot. One day God orchestrated that there would be fire in the bush but the bush would not burn! Moses was seeing a strange sight and he really wanted to understand what was happening and at the end of the day it turned about to be an encounter with destiny where his calling was revealed to him. We must also understand that this event turned his life around. This was the deliverer of Israel in the making but was just there looking after flock under the supervision of his father in law until the event that revealed his calling!
God wanted to make a mess of a foolish man called Goliath that had been bragging against his people so did another thing that was not in any way hard for Him to do. He just orchestrated that Davids father would ask him to take food to his brothers. He was asked to deliver their food but more than just delivering the food, God was going to use him to deliver the whole nation from their terror! From the beginning of the process it may have looked like the only thing he would have done was to deliver food but God was not seeing a young forsaken last born who had nothing to do with his time so he had to deliver food. God just used the food to get him to where he was going to do the real thing God had in line for him!
Saul who later became Paul was on his way to persecute more people but there was a plan on ground that changed his own personal agenda for his life. When he encountered Jesus on his way to Damascus after a bright light made him blind, the same persecutor became a soul winner who was even more zealous than the people he persecuted.
Before Jesus could make Peter a fisher of men, Peter was a struggling fisher man who according to the Bible had toiled all night and caught nothing. When Jesus showed up Jesus told him to do what should not, professionally, be done! Peter was told to cast the net on the other side and in the broad day light which was not the right time to catch fishes. Yet he caught so much that the boats began to sink and the nets began to break. Jesus used that experience to help him understand how he was going to be a fisher of men but not by his own power.
Never underrate the events in your life because some of them are the destiny launchers as orchestrated by God! Remember that God simply used a lost sheep to help Saul discover that he was a King!
Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

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