Other causes of Identity Crisis – Fola Daniel Adelesi

4.) Wrong Exposure.
One of the battles that the society has to fight thoroughly in this present day is the content of the media ranging from print to the electronic and recently, internet. Every morning you wake to see the unexpected in the media and at a point the unexpected became the usual in the media. As far as the print is concerned too many people are consistently exposed to pornographic materials and we now have what I call media prostitution. You can flip through the pages of some magazines and you find people who display their contacts to offer sex to other people.
Nearly everyone who says he has a musical video today does not produce a video without showing a naked girl dancing like a mad devil advertising insanity. Unfortunately there are so many people who buy into this insanity. Audio materials in this present day are no longer what they used to be so you often wonder what happened to the purpose of music. Most times when you want to listen to music you would have a feeling that the song is supposed to be inspirational and it can even help you to get out of a moody situation. In some cases the songs are so strong that you can always remember the lyrics without paying special attention to learn it and this are the things that pop up on your minds in discouraging times. If the song is the right type of song it will give you some energy to keep going but if it is not then you have another issue to deal with. We have more demoralizing music in this present day than edifying music and the truth is that it has so much to do with the identity crisis that a lot of people are experiencing.
Music is powerful and it can get into the innermost part of your soul. That is why you do not struggle to learn music yet you can sing so many songs that you listened to on the airwaves. More than eighty percent of the people who know one song or the other simply started singing the song by listening the first and second time and singing along the third time. When you begin to sing a song consciously or otherwise you will begin to confess the values of that song into your life and if the values of the song are negative it means you are confessing the negative thing into your life.
You need to pay special attention to the things you are listening to if you really want to get out of identity crisis or if you do not want to get into it. You need to be very careful about the things you watch if you don’t want to get into trouble. Your memory has a way of storing the things that you see and replaying these things for you in some critical moments of your life. When you need a scene to replay in a discouraging time, it is what you have stored in that will be produced. You and I already know that when you don’t feed on balanced diet you will be malnourished. You may eating so much but you may not be eating the right thing so it will not matter how much you are eating at any time. Once you are not eating the right thing you will still not grow properly. That is exactly what it is with musical contents and the content of the videos that we view on daily basis.
The old ancient Hebrew book says you should guard your heart with all diligence. Not just anything is qualified to go in there because what goes in there is what the heart will reproduce for you. It is so easy for the wrong things to go into the hearts without you struggling to put them in there but you always have to make deliberate efforts to put the good things in there.
When the wrong things go into our hearts we begin to think in the wrong direction. We would be thinking in the wrong direction because the seeds of the wrong input will germinate wrong thoughts. When wrong thoughts germinate then we will live our lives wrongly because as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Personal and our very intrinsic values are transferred to us through the things that we watch and listen to. While these external values are being transferred to us, our inner values are suppressed for a while. When our inner values are suppressed we begin to live a fake life. The idea of a fake life is to live contrary to your deep inner values. The only way to begin to live like the real person that we are to start viewing the materials that will help refine and unveil the deep inner values that we carry all around without paying attention to them.
Now that you know you are exposed to identity crisis as a result of wrong exposure, wouldn’t you choose carefully what to view and what to listen to especially when this can affect you success in life?
5.) Cross-Cultural Exposition
The challenge of cross cultural exposition as it relates to identity crisis is not unconnected to the misconception of the original intention for cross cultural exposition. The reason for intermingling with people in other continents or people from other countries is not primarily to imitate their culture. Variety is the spice of life and we should not always forget that we have a colourful life, to a great extent, if we all do things differently.
Some of the problems we have encountered as a result of cross cultural exposition include the madness in fashion today. What is acceptable in one area as a result of the climatic conditions has been taken hook, line and sinker in another area even when the climatic condition does not call for that kind of apparel. Consequently you find people trying very hard to fit into the personality they have tried hard to portray.
As much as I do not want to hammer the culture of other people I need to say that we are supposed to look at people from other areas and appreciate their culture without losing our own cultural values. Some of the people we are even imitating are people who already have a problem with their culture. You will hear people in that community complaining about decadence, violence, youth restiveness, child delinquencies and people from some other parts of the world think that what they are seeing are the ideals of that society so they begin to blindly imitate.
What I have just talked about in the above paragraph is what I call cultural transfer of challenges. This simply means there are some problems that were not in some societies before but people in that society went to another society and returned to their society with the problems in the society they were coming from. One of the reasons some countries are becoming detestable for parents in other countries is based on the fact that they have seen young people get into those nations and often come back not with the good ideals of that society but with all the negativities that the nation has to parade.
Unfortunately, there so many communities and nations today that do not have their standards defined so they always let other communities perceived to be the famous and great communities to define the standard for them. Automatically the only thing you expect when one nation defines the standard for another is that the other nation looking up to have its standard defined imitates both good and bad.

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