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One of the things giving me a very serious concern these days is what has become the intelligence of a child of God versus his or her spirituality. While in some of these critical issues there is a thin line, every child of God has the utmost responsibility to draw the line, with the help of the Spirit, between what intelligence can handle and what the Spirit must take care of.
We used to have those who took everything as spiritual and we thought they were extremists on one side. On the other side we had those who took most issues as things their intelligence could solve. We regarded them as fools because they almost would not acknowledge the place of God and the need for the Spirit in their lives.
Then we had those few who wanted to strike a balance. They understand that some issues can be left to intelligence and there are a few things that can never be left to intelligence. Or they think that after you have used your intelligence to take care of what intelligence can sort, you still need the Spirit for the best result.
Over time, more sons and daughters of God seem to have shifted from finding a balance to trusting more on intelligence. There are so many issues where the role of the forces of darkness cannot be ruled out but because the children of God have become ‘intelligent’ we say it is about planning and working hard.
For example, someone recently asked a question in a meeting. It was about someone who constantly went late to meetings and one Pastor told the person that he needs deliverance. Now before you start taking sides, let me say that I hate lateness. I do not condone it and will never condone it. I respect people who are always punctual to all their engagements.
Having said that, as a child of God, you should never take for granted a situation where you have done all that is humanly possible not to be late and something still happens to make you late. It could be for good or for bad. It could be for good in a case where God may have given you signals not to go for that thing you are struggling to go for or that he wants to avert an accident and delayed you so the accident can pass before you get to the scene of the incident.
It could also be a bad omen where the devil is trying to still your joy. I have written before about how a lady wanted a job in an office where I used to work. She left her house early enough but could not locate the office building in time. She came in only a few minutes late and my immediate boss got angry. That was how the lady lost the job. She could have been pardoned but never got the pardon. I then recommended someone else for the job and warned the new person seriously about coming in early having seen what happened. While I am not going to sound unnecessarily spiritual, the lady who lost that job should not take things like that for granted.
Many children of God today have a ready made explanation for everything that happens to them or to other people using their intelligence. How come we have forgotten the Bible says our adversary the devil is roaming about as a lion seeking whom he may devour? Why have we forgotten that we are not to be ignorant of the devices of the devil?
Everything will look perfectly normal. You will never suspect the devil at work in some cases. So you think there is no cause for alarm while the devil has finished his assignment. By the time you now realise that the Spirit is needed and that the devil had Ben at work, so much havoc could have been done.
I am sure you get the picture I am trying to paint. My job is just to reawaken the Christ Consciousness in you regarding all matters of your life. Know that some things require your responsibility and others require the intervention of the Spirit of God. Where we think that our responsibility is needed in the place of Spiritual intervention, the devil gets a filled day. And where we ask God to step in rather than stepping up our own game, we just fool ourselves and ridicule the name of God.
I will close with these balancing scriptures from Proverbs. In chapter 3 verse 5 it tells us to lean not on our own understanding and in chapter 4:7 it says wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding. You need the understanding of where and issue is your personal responsibility and where it is not. No child of God must leave everything to either intelligence or to the Spirit.
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