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We have to always work with people in life. We don’t have a choice about that. We will live with other people and do all the things we have to do in life with some other people. That means we don’t have a choice but to have a good relational skill. We also should use that relational skill to our advantage by having a healthy relationship with others.
It must also me noted that if we are going to have this healthy relationship with those other people, we must have a healthy view of ourselves. There is no way we can relate excellently well with others when we don’t have self-confidence or we think that what those other people are doing are against us.
There are those who are always reacting to what other people say to them or do to them. In most cases where they react, they also over react. When someone says one thing to them they are ready with an answer and they would have said ten things back. Someone may just do something innocently and they would have interpreted the person’s actions to mean something else. If someone looks at them they will be the first to see that the person is looking at them in a certain way.
They are always reacting to things, to people and to life as a whole. If you are going to make some significant progress in life, you have to stop reacting to everything. Get out of that mode that keeps you reacting to everything even when they don’t really mean anything.
You should understand that when you find someone who is always reacting or even when you are always reacting to something, it is as a result of some other issues in your life. It could be something you have been denying or something you know about but you have not addressed it. So you unconsciously react because of that issue to so many other things and people around you.
They don’t understand your responses to them anymore. When they say one thing you act like both of you have been in a fight for ages. You sound like you’ve just been waiting for them to misbehave so you can say something really nasty to them. If that continues, you will notice that people will soon start leaving you in your space.
You may have lost something before now but if you don’t deal with that thing and you let it take hold of you, then you will start losing relationships. You should not lose something dear to you and still be losing the relationships that can help you out of your troubles.
It does not matter what you have been through or what you have lost. What you are experiencing right now may be tough but it should not be allowed to become a deterrent to building and sustaining vital relationships. You will need those vital relationships to get out of the troubles that you are in. in some cases it may be those relationships that will heal you and help you become stronger.
Life may have dealt you a big blow. We all understand that it can be tough but you need to be smart enough to not let life finish you by also taking your relationships away. If you have to take a break, go for it and stop reacting to everyone and everything around you. If you need to heal alone you should do that and come back to show people just how important they are and how you respect or value their place in your life. You just need to outgrow those things that make you react and live a better life.
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