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These days I see people who are making serious efforts to outshine or outdo other people as if that is what they have come to do on earth. It amazes me that they really don’t understand what their real competition is. While they are doing that, I am asking myself if outshining others is the purpose of these people.
You have a greater purpose in life than to try to outshine other people. The responsibility is huge and you should focus more on becoming a better you today than you were yesterday. Your efforts should be about outperforming yourself. You are the only real competition that you have in life. If you understand this then you will not only make efforts just to outshine others.
The problem about outshining others is the fact that you can be outshining mediocrity. Once you outshine that mediocrity, what happens next? So you become a local champion and also become very complacent just because you think you have arrived. On the other side, you might be trying really hard to outdo someone whose purpose is a lot bigger than yours so you end of stretching yourself unnecessarily and still leave your purpose unattended.
I think people try to outshine one another because they want to be seen as better. We want people to think that we know better or that we can do better. We always want people to think that we have more than the other person and to accord more respect to us. I see this happening repeatedly and that’s also because we don’t even know who we really are. If you understand who you are then you will not be struggling to outdo one person or the other.
Another thing that happens when we focus on outshining other people is that we spend our energy trying to be better than that person instead of spending out energy on improving what we have. At the end of the day we then realize that we have spent so much time doing something different from what we were supposed to be doing. We discover the real thing and there may not be enough time to now focus on the real thing.
If you want to live a peaceful life, please just stop trying hard to outshine other people. Sometimes it turns out to be a case of a car with small engine capacity trying to outdo a car with a big engine capacity. No matter how well you stretch the car it is still a small engine capacity and will not outdo the bigger car.
Always remember that you are unique and that your assignment is different. Your purpose does not call for some funny competition. You have something to offer the generation that you are in and the entire world even after you. if you are going to achieve that then you will have to focus on your own goals and purpose.
Bear in mind that outshining others is not your purpose. What do you benefit from outshining others if your real purpose has still not been fulfilled?
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