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Over the years I have come to earn in some simple ways that there are certain things I cannot fix. Even though I learnt that there were things I could not fix, I still kept thinking about the way out for those things I could not fix as do many of us. We know so many things that are simply beyond our control but we still keep at them. We worry as though it is the worrying that can fix those things since our intelligence cannot fix them. One thing I know for sure is that ‘worry’ has never been a strategy for fixing problems and it will never become a problem solving skills. For that alone, I started promising myself never to worry about the things I cannot fix.
We need to be humble enough to accept that we cannot fix everything because it is pride that will not allow some people to simply accept that they are limited. You will not only have less things to worry about when you accept that you cannot fix everything, you will also reduce your chances of developing hypertension. Regardless of how important anything seems, so long as you cannot fix it, you must never let it become a source of concern to you. Just turn it over to the person who can fix it.
For some of us, the situation is like being so worried on how to operate someone who needs to undergo a surgical operation when we are not medically inclined. We don’t even know how to hold any of the medical instruments and we are more worried than the professionals who have been trained to do the job. For those who are a bit spiritual, they claim to be praying about something while the real truth is that they are worried about those things. That is why Dr. David Oyedepo said, ‘many prayer warriors are worried!’ don’t pretend to be praying when all you are doing is just lamenting about the situation. I guess we need to take a cue from corporate organizations and how they run things. When they need to execute a project and they get to a stage but do not have the required competence to do something, they will start looking for who can fix things immediately. Instead of worrying about how things will be done, they will simply ‘outsource’ as they often say.
When corporate organizations say they are ‘outsourcing’, they simply mean they are giving the jobs that need to be done to external professionals. They only need to pay the professionals and those ones will do their jobs. Just like those corporate organizations, I have promised myself never to worry again and I have decided to outsource all my concerns. You also need to know that there is something beautiful about outsourcing your jobs to consultants or professionals. Those professionals already have experiences in the things that would have become a source of concern to you. All you have to do is to tell them what you want and once you tell them what you want, you have lesser things to worry about. When you also tell them the things you want, you will also tell them when you want it because you are going to sign a contract with them. You can hold them responsible for breach of contract if at the agreed time they refuse to deliver.
I am simply calling on you just as I have decided to do to outsource all your worries to the only person who can handle it all. The more interesting thing about Him is that when you outsource concerns to Him, you don’t have to worry about breach of contract! He will deliver to specifications and His finishing touches will exceed your expectations! One of the Nigerian banks has the payoff line that says, ‘wouldn’t you rather bank with us?’ you and I have God yet we still worry about getting things done! Just like the bank, I am now asking you, ‘wouldn’t you rather outsource your concerns to Him?’
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