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By 5PM, on 31st of January 2012, just about 48 hours from the time I decided to write this article, over 1000 people in one of the nations commercial banks would have lost their jobs! Some of them are mothers who have children that need to go to school and others are fathers who have a family to take care off. A few of them are single men and women who are looking forward to starting a home by the time they are able to raise enough money to do. Unfortunately, when they wake up on first of February 2012, some will wake up to a renewed desperation for survival. Handkerchiefs will not be enough to soak the tears of the day and we might be seeing a mixed feeling of anger and hopeless.
The fate of these people was decided just last week following the acquisition of the bank by another bank with a stronger capital base. The bank that has now acquired another banks thinks there are too many staff to deal with and they need to cut down in every area, especially human resources. The next thing we should expect is that recruiting firms will be bombarded with resumes too numerous for even government agencies to absorb.
I feel for these people and I also think that this event will break and make some people. I want to presume that there are some of them who have been planning to start some kind of business before now. I guess they will take the bold step now that their jobs are gone!
In all of these I want to ask a few questions in order to help us think!
1.When you take up a new job, do you create an exit strategy?
2.Do you have an investment plan such that if you are fired unexpectedly you will have something to fall back on?
3.What other skills do you have for which you can be paid if you lose your current job?
4.Can you even fit into any other organization because some people get some jobs by virtue of their family members in positions and they never bother about skill acquisition!
5.Do you remember that the job you have been given is not in your fathers company and can never be transferred to you? It will only be transferred to the children of the people that you work for! If you are not careful, you will serve the parents long enough till their children are ready to take over and you will still be serving their children!
6.My last question for now is when are you going to build businesses that you can transfer to your children?
We cannot afford to face life in one direction because life is multifaceted and it has several surprises for at different points. Are you truly ready for life!
If you have just been fired and you are reading this, get up again but this time, I suggest you think about a business you can do and also be an employer of labour. I should expect that you can get angry enough to start a business and probably be able to hire the children of those who are firing you today!
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