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I laid the foundation for this title when I wrote about how your past might be robbing you of the future. It is very obvious there are people who cannot move on in life not because there is no way for them to but because they are still held by their past. All they ever talk about is the past. All they see is the past. There is no anticipation for anything in what’s called the future.
They could have moved on but they brought the past and put it in front of them. So when they want to look forward, all they see is the past. Now it is time to overcome your past. You need to get past the hurts, the failures, the disappointments, the near successes that shattered you and every other thing that you have been buried in.
One way to overcome your past is the willingness to move into the future. If you are not willing to go past all that you have experienced then you cannot overcome the past. Everyone one around you will be moving on despite what they have also experienced but you will still be holding on to your past.
You need to know or remember that there are people who have had worse past experiences and they are now doing very well in life. If they held on to the past, as you are probably doing or are about to do, they will not be doing fine.
There is not point thinking that since something did not work for you then it is the end of your life. If that issue that did not turn out well was the only way for you to make it in life, you probably would have died with it. If that challenge did not kill you then there is something else in store for you. However, you can get what is still available for you if you don’t move on from what you have already lost.
You have to move with men who are forward looking. These are people who have had a terrible past and are not moving on into their future. When you even hear their stories, you will wonder why they are still alive. You would have thought that you had a really big challenge. Wait till you hear their story. When you move with forward looking people then you will be able to raise your hope in a positive way again. You will gradually begin to try new things. The victories of the others in the team will encourage you and will also assure you that you can also start winning. They have lost before and are now winning so you may have lost before and you will soon start winning. It begins with an attitude and an ability to hope again.
If you are going to overcome the past and move towards the future, you need to understand that when you keep dwelling on the past you drain your energy and you release negative emotions and energy into your system. That keeps you negative towards other people. You become envious of them. There will be a lot of hatred in you. You can also become very destructive.
When you go the other way round to dare to hope again and work daily on the new dreams, you keep yourself energized through the positive energy that the hope releases into you. Hope gives you power. When you walk about with hope you inspire others and they also want to be around you. It means you win people over that can now be instrumental to your success.
Rather than allow the past to hold you down, do what some other great guys are doing and let the very past that was supposed to break you push you forward in life. You can be inspired by the past failure for future successes.
Now is the time to overcome your past and move into the future. Stand up, speak with new hope, move with people who have hope and are also achieving and very soon, the past you walked through will be nothing compared to the future you are walking into.
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