Overcome your fears! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are too many people today who live in fear and when you take a good look at their lives you can tell that the reason they live in fear is not real and they have redesigned their lives or even altered their destiny as a result of the fears in their lives. You will not be surprised to see people who are afraid to succeed just as you will always see people who are afraid to fail! There are people who are afraid to wake up because of the things they went through yesterday and there are people who are afraid to go to bed! While some others are afraid of the things you can easily see and mention there are some who are just afraid of the intangible.
If you must know fear does not help you but it can do the following to you:
1. Cripple you mind
2. Stop you some becoming successful
3. Kill you
4. Strip you of your possession
5. Put you behind you contemporaries in life!
6. With fear you will lose your freedom
While you are being afraid of nothing, there are people who have gone ahead in life and they have done all they need to do in order to succeed! You should know that your mind will never be able to function at its maximum capacity and when that happens it means that you will not even be able to get the best out of your own life!
I should also mention that there are people who are afraid of loneliness while some others are afraid of physical things like height and light! There are those who will never come out of their corners because they are afraid of the crowd as if the crowd will eat them up in an instance but when they manage to get out in the crowd nothing eats them!
You should take a good look at where you are coming to find the root cause of your fears and be able to deal with them! Some people are afraid of the things they have to face right now because of their childhood! It could be that someone used to scare them in their house with certain things and that thing has created a measure of fear in them so it will take a measure of unlearning for them to be able to get rid of the fear!
I am also beginning to think that there could be what you can call a generational fear and that simply means that in a family there could be something in particular that people in that family are always afraid of. Maybe you should run a check in yours and try to make a list of what your parents are afraid of and see if they are the same things that you are afraid of! If you still have your grandparents I suggest you try and check if your grandparents are afraid of the same thing! If you have a situation where several people in the family are afraid of the same thing then you should also look at what it has hindered them from achieving! You have to make the bold move of breaking the limit and never let your fears hold you down permanently!
When we allow our fears to grow, they will cripple our minds and hold down our destiny! Break free from your fears now!

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