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I have seen a number of people in this young generation who are all trying to achieve greatness on their own and so many of them are frustrated. In the middle of it all, I keep wondering why they all cannot stop to ponder on the issues around them and just come to terms with the fact that if they could just leverage on the support of other people, they will be a lot better. I recall that even God said in the Bible that it is not good for man to be alone. He therefore promised to make a help meet for him. Many of us have always used this when it comes to getting married but we also need to know that it applies to all other areas of our lives especially business and purpose or destiny! If you think you can do it alone then you have failed even before setting out!
You need to stop struggling the way you are right now and you have to get involved with some other people to get things done. There are people who already have what you need and they can open up their platforms to you in order to achieve more and achieve faster! I also should say that the purpose of partnering with other people is not just for you to get from them. You have to offer something as well because if you keep getting and you are not offering anything then the person you are partnering with will soon be worn out and will call off the relationship with you.
I remember that in my university days when I was to publish my first book, Hope of the Zealots, I did through strong partnership. I wanted to publish a collection of poems. I also wanted the university to sponsor it but I did not know how to get to the Vice-Chancellor at all. What I then did was to throw the content of the book open to other students. Several others were requested to contribute at least a poem but not more than 5 from each person. That way, the book will be seen as a collective effort and appreciated because all the writers were students. While I was talking to the people about the book, I found out that someone I already knew had the Vice-Chancellor’s contact and could help me gain easy access to him as well. I brought this person on board, created a small group consisting mainly the writers and a few others who could help me get contacts that were useful to publishing the book. We got our works together, asked a professor to edit and then we went to the Vice-Chancellor. He agreed to sponsor the project after listening to us! The rest is history! I got the first book published simply by opening up my idea to other people, allow them contribute and I got the contact I needed in return. If I wanted only my name to be in the book, I may not have gotten that result. Many young people want to get the credit for what they are doing alone and while seeking to be credited alone, they are losing the necessary contact!
You can be partnering with people not because you want to get what they have but because you know that together you can achieve more results. You will have to look for people who share the same vision with you and who are willing to travel the same paths to partner with. When you partner with such people, you will be helping yourself while helping the other person as well. The most important thing is that so long as you call it a partnership, the two or more people involved MUST be PROFITING from it. There is no such thing as partnership without profiting! It is just a charity venture in disguise.
For you to take advantage of partnership, you must first get rid of your selfish ambitions in that venture where you are seeking partnership. Until you get rid of those selfish ambitions you may not get people to partner with you and when you do, the partnership will soon be broken. Selfish ambitions are the major things that break or destroy existing partnerships and it is also one of the reasons other people who should be partnering do not want to partner with others at all.
Make your life a lot easier than it is right now! Help yourself achieve more results than you ever dreamed about. Let go off your ego and open up to partnership. As you open up to partnership, you will open up more opportunities for yourself and you will also move faster in life. Begin to achieve more today by partnering with people.
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