Pass on the competence – Fola Daniel Adelesi

When no other person has your kind of relevant competence in a group where you are supposed to be working together as a group what happens is that you are at first monopolistic and then the people get weary until you go from being monopolistic to being irrelevant despite your competence. We often think that what makes us relevant in a group is what we can do that others cannot do. While that may be true it should also be noted that that when a skill is pivotal to the existence of the group it will no longer make sense when only one person in the group has the skill and is not passing it on to other. You want to take pleasure in having other team mates wait for you before they can move on with the things they need to do even when there can be emergencies.
One day, and probably sooner than you think, they will grow tired of having to wait for you all the time and they will find another person who can replace you. For men of understanding, they realize that what makes them relevant in a group is not only what they can do but what they have passed on to the other members of the team to make them a more productive team. We always have the tendency to want to stand out in a group by taking advantage of our special competence sometimes because we have found people who seem to naturally stand out in the group.
Stop striving about the competence of other people and focus on your competence. Make sure you are not the only competent person wherever you find yourself and make sure you impact some knowledge when you find yourself being the only competent person in an area and there is constant demand for you. If you do not pass this competence on to other people you are going to be in demand all the time. That will seem like a good thing to you but let me be quick to say that you will be getting irrelevant demands and you may think that the demand is helping you. This demand rather than help you diminishes your competence. The reason it diminishes your competence is because you are constantly in demand over every small issue and this does not allow you take time out to improve yourself or to stretch into new areas of your life.
It is through ignorance that some think they can dominate a team or an organization by making sure nobody knows what they know. In a place where someone in a team strives to keep other from knowing what he knows it is certain that the productivity of that organization will be affected. In a situation where there is a high demand and there are several hands on ground to help, there will only be several useless hands because there is only one capable hand. At the end the time that should have been compressed by leveraging on human resource available will be unduly stretched. It will take you more time to deliver and money will come in slower than it should. When there are several capable hands the job will be faster and you can move on to something else.
Above all the strategies involved in the essence of replicating your skills in others you should know that it is important to reproduce who you are in others. That will mean you are building other people’s lives and helping other people to build or increase their earning capacity. Consequently, the people who have increased their earning capacity through you will make more money and feed a family which means you have been instrumental to feeding a family.
It is necessary to equip others and you increase your knowledge when you do. Pass on the competence!

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