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If you have ever seen a man of passion without skills then you have seen a man who is likely to be frustrated until someone intervenes to tell him the truth. There are so many passionate people but on a few of them have ever succeeded and those are the ones that have converted their passion to skills. You cannot run with passion alone and expect to succeed. Just like you cannot run with talents alone and expect to succeed.
Many people expect that their success will come because of the passion that they have. I should say that is a bit of an illusion and you need to be careful not to be drawn by that illusion. When you have a passion for something, it will show you that there is much you can do in that area. Your passion is the pointer to the field you are supposed to stay in.
Think about your passion as though it were a compass. And sincerely, that is all it is. A compass guides you to where you are going but if you don’t make a move you will never get there. The presence of a compass in a plane does not automatically guarantee the arrival of the plane at a given destination. The pilot still has to be in the plane and do the right thing for the plane to land safely.
What you should think about now is the fact that you compass – passion – has shown you where to go but you must now think about the skills needed in that place that you are going to. It is only when you have worked in the skills needed that you can say you are ready to go. If you have not built or acquired any skills then you are setting up for frustration.
Why is the skill very important even after you have gotten the passion? You need to know that the passion only burns in you and is only useful to you. But when you add the skills, it becomes useful to other people. People cannot pay for your passion. It makes no sense to them although they can see it. They will be able to pay only after you have converted that passion to skills or maybe you can transfer the passion to them through some given skills.
Have you felt so passionate about something before? Does it look like nothing has come forth from your passion? Are you in a situation where you have spoken to so many people and they are not helping you? Well you need to think and ask yourself questions. What exactly are you running with? Is it just a passion or do I have a skill with it?
Passion is also supposed to be a fuel for what you are doing. It keeps you going and you can stay focused in what you are doing. The moment you lose passion for what you are doing you lose momentum and you will give up or become irrelevant in that field. So think again. It passion is helping you and not the other people around you. If you ever want people to consider putting money into what you are doing, then you have to convert that passion or just pour it into a skill you already have. When you put the passion into a skill you can get a result different from what you have been getting before.
Now that you know your passion needs to be seen through a skill, I suggest you sit down and clearly write out what your passion is. Once that is written then you need to write what skill is needed to convey the passion. If it is a skill you already have then begin to use the skill. If you don’t have it yet, consider acquiring the skill. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, make sure you are not just ranting on it. Get a skill, work with it and your passion becomes more meaningful.        

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