Patience! You will need plenty of it | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of my pastors used to jokingly talk about a man who was praying to God for patience. The man would say, ‘Dear God, please give me patience and I want it now!’ You certainly know that person is not ready for patience.
I have also come to acknowledge, because I already knew before now, that you will need a lot of patience to get anything done. If you are also planning to do a business, you will need ‘plenty’ of patience.
There are times when it will look like things are not working and it will appear that the right thing to do is to give up. If you are not careful, you will be giving up on the most important things in your life. There are so many stories of people who have given up on what would have given them the big breaks they were looking for in life.
I believe you may have heard about people who had forgotten about something they were expecting and that thing still came to them several years later. This reminds me of a training my wife applied for about two years ago. The organisers of the training were doing some form of capacity building for women and they promised all the participants so much.
I guess all the participants thought those things would happen immediately. After the a week training in a nice hotel will all the good food you can think about, they started waiting for the promises to materialise. A month went by, the second went by until it was a year after and they did not hear anything. At some point, they concluded that there is a possibility some of the training managers had gotten the funds and decided to do nothing for the participants. So the participants forgot completely about the training and hoped for better opportunities.
But something happened two years later. All the participants got phone calls from the training managers telling them all their materials were now ready. They went and were given all the things they were promised plus a cash reward to boost the things they wanted to do. They could not have imagined they would have to wait two years before anything would happen.
I have also been on some businesses myself and several years have passed before things began to take shape. I remember there was a project I wanted to do in the year 2013. I went to make some propositions and I was encouraged by the promise someone made to me. I thought something was going to happen that year but nothing happened. The following year, I summoned the courage to move on to another person to discuss this project and nothing happened all through the year 2014. Even though this looks like it was nothing, you can’t imagine how discouraging it was for me when I was trying to get this project started.
In 2015, I started talking to people again and I was again encouraged by some information someone gave me which was useful for the business. I followed through and things started happening. Then I came into another phase of waiting. Between the time I got a verbal yes and the time I got a yes on paper, there was a waiting period of seven months. In fact, the seven months seemed longer than the previous two years. Someone has already said yes and now there’s such a big deal about putting pen to paper.
You may be in some kind of project or business and it looks like some people are just slowing things down or they are taking weeks and months or years to fix what can be fixed in a few days, just be patient.
Because I have been there, I understand that patience can be frustrating. Sometimes in your waiting period, you even look like a jobless or lazy person. It can be very demoralizing when you know that something can happen in just a few days and it hasn’t happened in years.
Don’t just lose your patience because when you lose your patience, you will have to start all over somewhere else and may even lose all the benefits you have been waiting for. To succeed in life or to do business, you will need ‘plenty’ of patience.

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