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From time to time you will meet people who are asking you why you did this or did that. The interesting thing is that they are asking you questions about your life that they probably should not even bother about. This is not because you don’t welcome people who care about you but you can tell that these questions are not coming because they care. The questions are coming because they just want to know all that’s going on in your life.
I did something a few days ago and someone was asking my wife why we did. I was a bit shocked and just did not understand why someone would ask why I did what was supposed to be a personal affair.
You will really meet people like this all over the place. When they start coming they will want to get so close and if you look very well, there is not benefit of being so close to them. They are people who will eventually bring you pains in your life because they know too much about you.
Please be reminded that you have your life to live and you don’t owe people explanations on the things you do in your life. You are supposed to be in charge of your life. You cant go around explaining yourself to everyone. This issue is a manipulative tool by some people. You would have explained all your life to them before realizing that they were just looking for the opportunity to use your own information against you.
This does not mean that nobody should know something about you or that you should not open up to anyone. You certainly have to be open to some trusted people. You need to be very accountable to a few confidants who will understand you well. It can also be very dangerous if people cant find anyone who knows you and trusts you. If you get into trouble it will be the words of those who know you that is expected to save you.
There should be people who can say that they know you so well and they know what you can do or cannot do. They understand why you do things and know the moves you are making. But again they are people who are very close to you and are not people just coming around to sniff information.
Its also important to know that people cant just come and think they have the right to know whats going on in your life. Those who should know can be those who have earned your trust over time. Even at that, you are not compelled to give them an epistle of your life. In some cases, the lesser the people now the better for you and that is not because you have anything to hide. You will just realize that it brings more sanity into your life sometimes to have fewer people knowing too much about you.
Live your life to the fullest. Love people and pour yourself into them but don’t go around thinking you owe anyone an explanation for your life. if you think you owe people an explanation for everything you do in life, they will soon ask you why you are still living! 
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