People Will Watch You Succeed

It is amazing how people around us sometimes will just watch us struggle to do somethings untill those things begin to take a good shape.
When we are starting out in life nobody may be interested in what we are doing but instead of gving us the support needed for what we are doing, they will laugh at us and make several attempts to discourage us. At a time when they realize that they cannot discourage us, they leave us to do what we intend to do. Because we are not going to give up on the things we have started, the nature that has been taking records of the things we are doing will now begin to reward us for our unwavering committment to the things that we have set to do.
Do you remember that there are some shops in your area that have been there ever before you were born. Some came there when you started schooling. Those shops are still there and they are not growing bigger. The owners are not dead. They are alive and healthy but they just remain in one position yet they are the one that will try to counsel you on how to get things done.
You will be amazed at how people will watch you get things done if you don’t join their mediocrity club. Please just keep doing what you know is right. Some of the people who told you it will never work will come back to ask you how you worked it out.
Some of the people who declined your request initially will also come back to beg your attention. Some of the people who told you they don’t have your time will soon come back to beg for your attention. If you continue doing what you are good at, if you continually improve upon your skills, if you do not lagt behind in the latest ways things are done, if you are consistently creative and outgoing, people will watch you succeed.
Some people are already watching me succeed.
 Fola Daniel Adelesi.

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