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On too many occasions we let other people’s verdict on our capacities cripple our dreams and some of us who can possibly turn out to be the most talented people that our generation has ever known just give on our dreams because of other people’s opinions! How can you let the opinions of other people shape your life and as well limit your potentials when opinions as are numerous as the number of people living on the planet earth and everyone is entitled to an opinion?
You may enter a board room in order to present a business idea to them and they may think that you are not good enough or that you do not have all it takes to run a business properly but you should never allow that get into you such that you now abandon your business idea! It is really someone’s opinion that you must have a perfect business plan in place before you can start a business but there are so many people who know nothing about writing a business plan but they are doing excellently well in their businesses!
In some other cases you may have attended several job interviews and they may say that you are not qualified for the job or that you do not have the experience that they need in their organisation! That’s really discouraging but it does not take away the ability inside you! We should never allow people to decide how far we can go in life based on their own short sighted opinion about us! Everybody has a mouth and everybody has the right to say whatever they think or imagine but you also have that right to reject what they say about you and never take it as the truth! I have said to some people before that nothing’s true in what other people are saying about you until you confirm it!
Some people may see you and say that you can sing and others may see you and say you will never be able to act or become a great public speaker! I was watching a reality TV show recently that’s called ‘Nigeria’s got talent’ and one of the aspiring contestants on the show who’s an albino got on stage with a keyboard in his hands. As soon as one of the judges saw him she concluded he would not do anything spectacular because of his appearance but by the time the guy was done singing, it was a different ball game! The judge who had concluded on first appearance that the guy would not do anything spectacular was in tears and she had to public apologize to the young albino about judging his appearance without listening to him! All of these played out under five minutes so the young man had a quick chance to change the verdict against his dreams but it may not be that fast for you or others! It may take you some time to prove those who have concluded that you will not amount to anything wrong!
I have also heard the story of two young were who were called together to get a verdict on their future! The first one was told that he would succeed so well in life with very little efforts while the other was told that nothing he did would yield results! He would struggle and never be rich in life! The one who was told that he would never amount to anything began to work very hard while the one who was told that he would succeed with little efforts began to play and while away all the time in the world. After some years it was discovered that the young man who was not expected to succeed had become successful by working hard and disregarding the verdict against his life but the one who expected to succeed with very little efforts never succeeded!
Let all the professionals speak all the big grammars they have against you or anything you do but make sure you do not take their verdicts as the final say on your life or business and dreams! Believe in yourself so much so that it will not matter what any other person says! You must not let people’s opinions run you down or talk you out of your dreams because you have a life to live and the way to enjoy that life is to take life by your own dreams without the limits of other people’s opinions! You can succeed at anything only if you will not allow the opinions of others cripple you!
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