Perception Plus Problem – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There is usually a bigger problem than the problem we have in our hands most times and that bigger problem is perception. Often times when people have problems they do not realize that their problems are not as big as their perception and usually the problem is not the real problem. The real problem is usually perception.
When you refuse to begin to expand your perception then you will begin to expand your problems. Stephen Covey was explaining a principle and one key issue that he raised had to do with choices and consequences. He did say that you can chose what you want to do but you cannot choose the consequences of those things because as soon as you do them they attract natural consequences.
When we refuse to broaden our horizon then we are deliberately building a castle in the air. I have had the opportunity to relate with a number people who wanted me to help them with some of their challenges and when we get going I often realize that their real problems are not the issues they have brought to me. Their real problems are the perception they have towards life. This is even more obvious with some people who seem to be very religious. You will find someone who says he has a business challenge and then he begins to pray ceaselessly. As mush as it is very important to pray, some now go as far as trying to substitute meditation, thinking or brainstorming, relationships with people and personal skills with prayer. There is no way this will work. Life has some principles that cannot be substituted. It is like trying to cook a soup and you are trying to put some of the required ingredients in the soup hoping that those ones will make up for the ones that are not available. If you do that you will have a potential disaster in your pot of soup waiting to be consumed.
“All the ingredients” without a suicidal omission must be in place for you to prepare a great soup. You can’t go through life with a shrunk perception. You should not go through life with a larger than life attitude but your perception needs to be bigger than where you are what you are going through. I have noticed that people who have the wrong perception or people who have a small perception spend a longer time with their problems than people who have a bigger perception.
You may have a small problem but perception can expand your problems. You can have a big problem but perception can shrink your problem. When perception shrinks or expands your problem it simply means you either spend a shorter time or a longer time in your problems or with your challenges simply because of your perception.
Do you know that it is perception that makes some people sick and keeps them in the hospital longer than people can imagine? When some people fall sick it is also their perception that either gets them out of the place in good time or other wise. How does this happen? The doctor may give a very simply instruction that can help but some people will not obey because they don’t see how that instruction can make them will. They don’t realize that it not about what they see but what the doctor says. If they know what to do why didn’t they stay at home and treat themselves? It’s simply perception!

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