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Some people have learnt that others want something that looks good. They have been taught how to create a great brand and work with perception. This is good and it has been used to win the hearts of some clients but the problem now is that a lot of people seem to be focusing more on the brand or perception much more than they do on the quality.
There is no reason for you to compromise quality because of perception. If you create a great package because you know that people will buy it and leave out a great quality then you are cutting corners and ultimately short changing yourself. For a start it may look like you are making some good money and it’s coming in easily but on the long run, you will realize that you did no good to yourself.
We want things to be done properly. We want the great packaging. We want the great perception but it should not come at the expense of the quality that we are really paying for. There’s no one who goes out to just pay for package alone.
If you are in the service industry or you have some products and services to offer people, it is very important for you to take a good look at what you are offering the people. Is it the best you can offer them? Is it also the best that they can get anywhere around you? The last is for you to make sure that what you are offering is the best they can get anywhere in the world. That is when you are at your best.
When you place more emphasis on the perception much more than the product, people will initially buy into it. By the time they buy the perception and find nothing worth the value they have paid, some become angry and others simply feel cheated. You can’t be offering a service to people where they feel cheated or sell products to them that delivers less than the promised value.
The point you have to note is that when people are going to buy things, they will first see the product before using it. If it is a service, they will first see the person who will deliver the service or the tools that will help them deliver the service. So you should and must work on your perception. Work hard on the impression that you create in the hearts of the people. Make sure it is a great impression because impression counts.
Beyond the impression you have to deliver on quality of product and service. It is when you deliver on the quality that you have done the right thing. Nothing short of the quality is expected from the people and you ought to give them just that.
Sometimes you need to understand that you get a chance to create an impression but the way you sustain that impression is to offer quality. When you do not offer that quality then you lose the opportunity to build on the first impression that you have.
I think this is also very important for some growing businesses or aspiring talents. You want to rise very fast and you think it is important to get yourself out there fast. Sometimes in the bid to do that, people get into the cloud of perception and leave out quality.
If you are into training, do you deliver quality training or you start watering down the quality because the trainings are now coming in frequently? Do you compromise because you have made your name? if you are a singer, do you only put in your best before you make your name? do you only sing great songs when you are still trying to win the crowd over to your side?
As a leader, do you sound nice for the people to love you so you can win their hearts? Do you do something different from what they expect after you have won their votes in an election? As a pastor, are you preaching the same quality you were preaching before you made enough money to get luxury cars or live in posh apartments?
Always remember in everything you do that perception is great but there is no reason to compromise quality because of perception. Perception and quality should be like hands in glove.

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