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Sometimes the key is not just hard work. It just might be perception. There are so many people who working very hard but do not have the right perception to get the desired results. That means you may be working and someone else is getting the results you are looking forward to. We need to change the idea of just working and thinking that everything else depends on the work that we have done.
If you do not have the right perception in the eyes of others the following things can happen:
You may never be hired
When hired you may be under valued
As a business person you may not get the big contracts
Your competence is underrated.
Your best efforts are also considered cheap.
When you look at the five things listed above you will realize that you are the one short changing yourself when you do not have a great perception in the eyes of those who are trying to patronize you.
A number of people feel so bad that they have not been well paid either as business owners or employees in an organisation. Usually I want to sympathize with them but I am quick to think about their perceived valued. If there is a problem with your perceived value you can tell from the rewards that you are getting.
You cannot afford to leave all your results to hard work. Some people say you don’t have to work hard. They think all you need to do is to work smart. While that works for some and in a few fields, I think that everyone needs to work hard and work smart.
Most people know how to work hard. They know when to report for work and they show up earlier. They know when to close and a number of times they close late. They have a job description and they go beyond that description to get other things done for the organisation.
Some business owners too work around the clock. They have no closing time and there is no resumption time. If anyone calls them at one in the morning they are ready to go out and meet the person. They are always on the move and trying to get the job done.
If they put in all the efforts in all the time that they have, why then do they find it so hard to excel like some of their contemporaries? It is because they only know how to work hard and not how to work smart. There are different ways to work smart.
One of those smart ways to work is perception. When you can give the people who are to do business with you the right perception then you are on your way to making much more than you bargained for. You can possibly get much more than others are getting from what you are doing.
Think again. Why will you buy one book at a high price and will not buy another book on the same subject with the same volume at the same price? It’s perception! It could be your perception of the author or the book cover. When you perceive one author higher than the other, you will be willing to pay more to the other person.
It’s is good to work hard but you also need to work smart and improve your productivity through improved or enhanced perception.   

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  1. I totally agree with you. Perception is key. The challenge is how to go about it especially if one is a service industry where your product is intangible.

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