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I think it’s only fair to expect more from others when we have attained a certain standard ourselves. In leadership, you are taught how to take every other person from one spot to the other. People show you how to get the best of your team or how to make sure you achieve your aims. If only people listen so well to the real leadership experts, then they will realize that leadership is not so much about the people you are leading as it is about you changing yourself. If anyone tells you how to change other people but does not tell you how to change yourself, you bare not getting leadership lessons. What you are getting is lessons on manipulation! It is personal leadership first before you can lead other people and one of the strongest poles in personal leadership is character development.
I see so many people who are hungry to become leaders. While there is nothing wrong with desiring leadership positions, you can tell that the position will be their doom if they get the position. A good example can also be in the marriages of so many people or their parenting skills? Why do you think some marriages are breaking today? It is simply because of character flaws! Some have had the first, second and third chances to fix their character flaws but they never did.
While it looks like character is a very simple thing, there are so many people who are still struggling with a good character – have a strong moral standing – and actually being what you say and saying what you also are. A man of character is a man of integrity. One who will not do what is wrong not because he does not have the temptation to do so but he just will not do it. The one who knows that no one is watching but still would have done what he would do when everyone is watching. I am talking about those whose excuses to do things that are not morally acceptable though not illegal would have been perfect but they still did not go ahead. That is character. You are who people think you are, not a different image from who you really are.
Until we build our characters indivually, we will not be able to talk confidently about leadership. If there is any problem with leadership at the top, it is because some people worked their way to the top without checking their character! How are you leading yourself in matters of your character? Are you saying things people should never find out and hoping they will not? Are you doing things that people should never hear about, covering them up as much as you can and hoping they will not?
I don’t ever motivate, teach or coach without touching on the basics like this. If you don’t work on your character and you spend all the time in the world building a great empire, the character you abandoned will soon spring up and crush all that you have built! A big name readily comes to mind but I don’t want to mention names. I can instantly think of one in the United States and at least two in Nigeria. What’s the point becoming so successful and having in you something that is just waiting to destroy your success?
I think that it is a nice thing to lead other people but before you get involved, lead yourself properly in the area of your character. Until your character is in place, you are just like a beautifully lit candle on the cake! You were lighted simply to be blown off! Never let this happen to you!

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