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Sometimes in life we are too busy thinking about where we want to get to and we often leave out the very relevant experience of where we are because we are complaining and never seeing how what we have today can aid what we want to get or where we want to get to! Everyone has phases to pass through in life and when you realize that you will also admit that at every phase you have lessons that will be useful for the next phases and when you don’t pick the lessons in your current phase then you will not function effectively in your next phase! You must have heard severally that ‘life is in phases and men are in sizes.’
It is not only important to say that life is in phases and men are in sizes but we need to talk about the fact that the different men who will be in different phases of their lives will have series of lessons where they are! When you are so much in a hurry to leave where you are and you are not getting any life lesson or picking any instruction then you may never get to where you want to be! Even when you get to where you really want to be by the stroke of a miracle, you would also be disgracing yourself because some of the things you are expected to have known will not be known to you and it might be too late to learn!
Sometimes some of us need to remain where we are for a while in order to learn what we need in the next phase of our lives. Progress may be stagnated when we have not learnt what we need to and the only way to really progress is not just to look into the future but to take the training that life offers us today! There is no way you can move from one class to the other in basic schools when you don’t learn the lessons of those lower classes! You may be a young man or woman today and you want to just grow up and be an adult! Hey, slow down! Take the lessons of being young and enjoy being young because it’s a stage you will never come back to! If you are new in your job and you are still at a low level, you should just learn from there! There is no place that is too small for you to learn! I have heard of CEOs who started off in their companies as janitors! There must be something they learnt that helped them to take all the insult that janitors take and they probably improved themselves by getting back to school before rising through the ranks!
Don’t degrade yourself just because of where you are and conclude that you may never amount to anything. What I really want you to know is that life begins from a phase and you must pass the tests in that phase just as it is in schools before you can move up to the next level! There are those who are now old and they are regretting that they have not learnt the lessons they were supposed to have learnt when they were much younger! Don’t get past your present level in life without learning all the lessons you need to learn only to start regretting in life!
You have no reason to regret in your future if only you think carefully about today’s actions and you follow through thoughtfully with the lessons life offers you today!
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