Picture-Perfect Reality | Fola Daniel Adelesi

I was getting ready to go a live show today and I quickly dressed up to join the show via a video call. Dressing up didn’t take too long, aside from the fact that many men don’t waste time dressing.Something struck me so I decided to share a lesson with you. Take a look at the three pictures attached to this post. That’s how I went on live television. Yes, you read that correctly.  

I went on live television with a shirt, jacket and my pyjamas! Those in the media space know that’s not a new thing. We do it a lot. Someone may look nicely dressed on television in a suit and the person is wearing a short and probably no shoes. When you watch from home or other mobile devices, you’ll never see that.  

What you see is the picture-perfect situation which is often different from reality. The Cameraman has been instructed about what areas to cover and show the viewers or the webcam has been set to show the dressed-up part. That’s what the lives of many people whom we envy or strongly desire to imitate looks like. There’s a part you don’t see. That part matters and you’ll never know what’s being covered up. You only see what you’re expected to see and you think that’s the whole picture.  

You’re not seeing the whole picture of any situation except you’re an insider. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure because of a situation that’s not clear to you. Don’t start running because of half pictures giving you a picture-perfect situation.  

While you think you’re struggling and others have it together, you’ll be shocked when you find out about their hidden struggles. You’re not the only one struggling and your struggles aren’t the worst.  

The picture-perfect situation of some people is their car. Don’t assume people have it together because of their cars. For some, it’s the house or even the country they live in. Just wait to you hear their stories. A few others have their picture-perfect situation in their jobs. Wait till you hear how much they get paid even with an official car or how they have no life and are daily frustrated on the job while you have your peace.  

So in a picture-perfect situation, the one who is at peace is envying the frustrated one.

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