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As the New Year approaches at top speed it is important for us to remind ourselves about the need to place expectations on the year 2014. It has been an annual routine to watch one year go by and then excitedly we wait for the New Year to come. We all shout happy New Year and embrace one another with the sound of fireworks in the background! After a while the euphoria of the New Year dies down and everyone returns to either being productive or grumbling about the year!
You should make sure that this New Year will not just be another routine for you. When I also talk about placing an expectation on the year I am not talking about the wishful thinking that we do through the New Year resolutions or the promises we make to ourselves and also break so easily.
I really mean we have to place a demand on the year. Think about buying something from the store. It means you are making a demand for the product and once you have made a demand you will be told what it will cost to supply what you have demanded. When you produce what is required to meet the demand you have made then your demand will be met! Think about this.
If you think about it very well you will realize that this is the missing link for many people who have wishes and make resolutions. It’s like trying to make a demand and you are not ready to pay for the demand you have made. Once you are not ready to pay then they supply will be withdrawn!
Maybe another way to put this is that you must ask for some definite things you want to see at the end of the year but it is not just about asking. As you are asking you need to know that there is a price to pay for what you want. As you ask for it you should go ahead and pay the price. Only those who ask and also pay the price will get what they want!
Now the real question is what do you want from the New Year? Do you want a job? What are you doing to make sure you get a new job? What price do you have to pay for that new job? It could be another skill. It could a simple training that will be done in a week or even less but there has to be something you will do in order to get that job. Are you looking at repositioning your business? Well my question for you is, ‘what it the brand visibility of your business?’ How well known is your business or who knows the business?
There may be some other things that you are looking for apart from getting a job or moving to a better job and building a big business. These things may be personal or it could be something for someone in your family. Just make sure you don’t run through the year trying to find what the year has in stock for you. This is the reason I sometimes laugh when some people prophesy about a new year. Some people say it will be good and others say it will be bad. Guess what, every year comes with its good and bad offers! That’s the real thing but you can choose which of the offers from the year you really want to have from the beginning to the end.
You can get the good offers of the year by placing an expectation on the year. It is when you have expectations that you can say if you got your desired results at the end of the year! Some people may say ‘but I have heard expectations in the past and nothing happened.’ Well I can’t say if you did not pay the price but you still must have new expectations! It is like having hope for the New Year! If you do not have hope then you are hopeless. So going into the New Year without any expectation is to start the year as a hopeless person! You already know that if your start it hopelessly then it may as well end hopelessly!
Encourage yourself again regardless of past failures! You may want to try a different approach but make sure your have and place expectations on the New Year! Maybe I should be the first to wish you a happy new year! Happy New Year in advance!        

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