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If only you remember that failing safe is still failure then you will never ever think about the fail safe strategy that so many people are thinking about. You have only one short life to live and you ought to live it to the fullest. If your life is going to be lived to the fullest then you can’t be thinking about doing something with the fail safe option.
Let me start by clearing the air around the concept of Plan B. When you want to do something and you are making alternative plans, your alternatives plans are not for what to do when you fail. The idea is not so that you can sit back with your heads covered and no one is looking at your mistakes. The reason you have a Plan B is so that you can succeed at the goal if the Plan A will not help you achieve the goal.
Many people start out in life with the Plan B for failure. Why do they start out on something they claim they want to succeed at and they already have the Plan B for failure? Do they even understand the concept of Plan B? Have you heard people talking and they say, ‘if that doesn’t work, I can at least go back to this?’ They are talking about going back rather than talking about other ways to move forward.
You’ve got to keep going forward and you must constantly find ways to do that. It is only by going forward no matter what happens that you can make a head way and also convince others that you really want to succeed at what you have started. When your plan makes you look back or take steps backward then it is a plan B for failure. If what you are doing will give you far inferior results compared to what you set out to achieve then you are trying to fail safe and it is a plan B for failure.
Ultimately it is about the goal and not the exact plans you are using. That’s why you can try the first or second and even a third plan yet you are still going! When your success is about the plan and not the goal then you feel you have failed when one plan does not work. If you can shift your focus to the goal, you will see that there is more to you than the plans.
It does not matter if the plan does not work out. I dare say as well that when you also do not hit the goal the first time, you go for it again. Don’t just say this is some motivational stuff. Ask yourself a question. Why do football teams in different clubs keep going back for the premiership or national teams keep going back for the world cup? There’s a goal they have to hit. They all want to win. If you don’t get a chance of winning this season or year, you get another chance next season or next year. Some have also won it before but they set the goal to remain on top.
Those are some basic things to teach us lessons about giving life a shot again. Some teams crash out in the first round of the world cup yet they come back in another four years. Some other teams crash in round of sixteen and they still come back. Now come back to your life or business or career goals. What are those things you have tried that have not worked so far?
Don’t try to fail safe. Many have not made so much progress in what they are doing so they console themselves by saying ‘I’ve been doing this for twenty years!’ When you hear that it immediately sounds like an achievement but when you ask them what they have achieved then you see they don’t have much to offer.
What are the crutches you’ve been using to cover up for the things you are doing and they are actually your plan B for failures? Think right now and let those crutches down. Embrace the one and only option which is to succeed at what you do, succeed again at it and succeed again at it!

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