Planting a vision in your heart | © Fola Daniel Adelesi.

A lot of people still need to come to terms with the fact that you can have a vision in your head and just talk about it on the tip of your lips but it is a different thing entirely when you have a vision in your heart because it burns until it is born! Don’t just assume that it is easy to have a vision because you have something in your head! There are some people who try to convince others about their vision but from the way they speak, their listeners can tell that the visions are still in their heads so it is difficult for the words to convince anyone who is listening!
For you to have a true vision in your heart then you need to understand the importance of talking to yourself about your vision in pictures and in words repeatedly! Before you begin to talk to others you must talk to yourself consistently about your vision! Hear yourself sound differently and even attempt to criticize yourself concerning some of your ideas! Reverend Sam Adeyemi would always say, ‘what you see and what you hear consistently will enter your heart.’ If anything enters your heart then you can be rest assured that it will become a reality! The way James Allen puts it is that you cannot be moving in your mind and be stagnant on the outside! If your life moves forward in your mind then it’s just a matter of time before your life moves forward in reality!
I think I should make it a little more practical by saying that you have to create pictures of your vision and put it everywhere you can possibly visit within the house! You can have something in your room that reminds you of your vision, have something in your kitchen that reminds you of your vision and have something in your toilets, garage or any other place that you go to on daily basis!
Beyond seeing pictures that help you plant the vision in your heart, you need to constantly hear things that remind you of your vision! If you do not listen to things that remind you of the vision you will soon realize that the vision may just remain dreams or ideas! You have to reinforce what you want to see and reinforcing is done primarily by hearing something constantly! I have come to realize that so many of us know very many songs that we did not really pay special attention to before we learnt how to sing them correctly! The only thing that happened was that we heard those songs so many times that we just didn’t need help to remember the songs! If you like you can make some kind of commercials out of your vision and play it back to yourself consistently! Let it roll all the time until you just cannot do without thinking about the vision!
We already know that when something enters your heart, it will begin to come out of your mouth and what you confess is very important when looking at the future that you desire! When a vision has consistently stayed in your mind and it has been played back to you, you will also begin to talk about it!
Sometimes we do not need to ask people what their visions are! We just need to listen to them for a while before the visions begin to flow out naturally from their mouths! When people do not have vision, they just continue to blab and never make sense! That’s truly because they do not have visions planted in their hearts! Get a vision today, plant it in your hearts through watching pictures or videos of the vision and listening to ideas regarding your vision! Begin the planting now!
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