Platforms versus money | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Everybody wants money and people all over the world are looking for it, working for it or creating it in different ways. Some are going about it the good way and others are going about it anyhow – because they don’t think the process matters so long as they get the desired result.
There are those who are ready to invest time so that after a while, the desired money can come back to them. Some others are not ready for the time or process thing. They want the money now. Because they want the money now, they really don’t care about building relationships and platforms that can become consistent money spinners over a long period. They just want the money now.
If you really want money then you must understand that in anything you do, building a platform for yourself will always be more important. The challenge with building a platform is that you may wait. It will take time. People will have to build trust over time. There may be no instant gratification. At first it looks like nothing is happening.
When you are building a platform, you may look like someone who wants nothing out of life when others are busy making instant money. The difference is that those other people who are making instant money while you are building a platform may not have those channels of instant money anymore when your platforms are ready to yield your desired results.
Over the years, I have gotten into some places because of the platforms I had built before. Some businesses have been sent to me when they could have been handled by some others but I got them because of platforms built over the years. Today, I do some things with some organisations on a yearly basis and they don’t bother to look for other people who can do the same thing. It’s not because they can’t talk to other people or ask them to help. It is because there’s a platform that has been built and it saves them a lot of stress to just work with someone who has built a platform with them.
When people don’t build platforms, they end up looking for one because they get into situations where they really need money to flow in consistently. That’s why relationships are like capital. The money may not really be the problem when there are relationships already built over the years. When you have people who know you and can always guarantee that you will do what you say you will do, they will get you what you need.
Sometimes, things may not go as planned but it is still very important you stay open to keep the platforms that you have. When you do, you win more people’s hearts and get things done.
If you’re a young business owner, an employee or whatever it is that you do, I strongly advise that you work on creating big and reliable platforms for yourself. Sometimes, you may not be the one who needs the platform that you’re even building. Someone else around you may need it and when those around you are able to walk on those platforms that you have built, you have a rewarding experience. The people who will walk on the platforms you have built may even be your children but if you haven’t built any platform, what are you going to use or offer other people?

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