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Success is like a business contract between two people where both parties have to play their parts to make things happen. In this case, God and Human beings are the parties involved. It should also be noted that one party is like a variable in an equation and the other party is like the constant in the equation. You and I obviously know that God is the constant factor and we are the variables in the equation of our success.
Having said that, I really need to bring home the point on the fact that God as a constant factor in our success equation already has everything that we need to succeed and there is nothing he has to prepare for us to succeed. There is no big dream that we can conceive to scare him and make him say, ‘meeen!  I gat to go prepare some more for this. Your mind is big! Give me some time’ This is only going to come out from the mouth of a man and not God because you are not the first person he will help to succeed and you will not be last person he will help to succeed.
We are the ones who do not have everything in place as at the time the contract for success was being signed and we have to run around, build bigger capacities, learn more, probably go to school and be more developed in the mind before we are ready to access the level of success that he has prepared for us. We are the ones that really don’t know our way around in this world and we have to constantly seek direction, get the direction and follow the direction.
To make it clear I should put it this way:
I call this God and Man equation for success.

  Man God
1. Seeking direction God gives the direction
2. Willing to learn God empowers our mind to learn
3 Desires to succeed God gives you timed assignment
4. Wants a meaningful life God gives a lifelong purpose
5. Wants some gifts God teaches you to trust him – faith
6. Really needs to move up to a new level God teaches you process and patience
7. Frustrated about issues today God says look beyond now – foresight
8. Wants to opt out God says stay there – endurance
9. Covets other people’s gifts Gods says look inwards for your potentials
10. Wants to be like another person God says your person best suits your purpose
11. I don’t like this place That’s the access point to your next level
© Fola Daniel Adelesi

You will realize that for every action man wants to take in order to succeed, God already has something in place and until man begins to take those steps, God may not just reveal what he has in store. When you take the necessary steps then God will reveal all the necessary processes that will surely lead us to the next phase. When we play our parts simply by following the directions of God, we can be so sure that he will never default in his part of the agreement.
The really funny thing about God is that he gets us into a contract, he brings all that is necessary for the contract to take place, he sponsors the execution, never defaults in the contract and after everything he is only asking for 10 percent of the profit from the business deal. Let’s play our part and be rest assured the remaining will be a done deal.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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