Possibilities in potentials – Fola Daniel Adelesi

My first speaking engagement this year was an invitation from an old school colleague who asked me to speak on possibilities in potentials and this was something I had been thinking about for some time. A lot of people look at the prosperity of some people in the society and often get intimidated by their prosperity rather than feel challenged by the prosperity of others.
I did say to the gathering that a pen may be worth a penny to some people but the same pen is worth several thousands to me not necessary because I am a super star but because I have spent some time developing and now the same pen is worth several millions in my hands. The same football that is worth a few hundreds to some people is worth several millions on the most valuable currencies that you can think off in the world. In some meetings I have told some people that what the pens of some people writes will end up in the trash can but that what my pen writes ends up in the library.
The difference is not in the hands that are holding the pens. And the differences in the results that the pens are having are not necessarily in the prices of the pens. You may buy a pen for a thousand naira and another person will buy a pen for just fifty naira but that does not mean the pen which is worth a thousand naira will produce more results. What produces more results is the mind behind the pens.
Just like two footballers on the same football pitch can handle the football differently and have different results and at the same hour of play be paid different fees, you need to understand that they are both playing one football at the same time and the price of the football they are both tapping in the match is the same. The difference in their pay is as a result of their perceived value and their perceived value is as a result of the input they have in themselves during rehearsals for the match.
You may have great potentials but potentials don’t automatically yield results simply because they are great. The results that potentials yield are dependent on the people who are handling the potentials via the pressure and demand placed on the potentials. People will not pay you for the potentials that you carry. They will only pay you for the pressure that has been exacted on the potentials. It is the pressure they are paying for because that pressure you exacted on your potentials brought the capacity that they want to pay for.
If you want people to pay for what you have then you must explore your potentials. The reason an instrumentalist can be paid so much to play musical instruments is because he or she has placed some pressure on the potentials inside. When I speak in public and I get paid I always have it in mind that I am being paid for my perceived value and my perceived value is in the pressure that I have placed on the potentials on the inside of me.
This is really not the time to make noise about your potentials because that is not what people pay for. It is your pressure on those potentials that people will be willing to pay for. The possibilities in your potentials are dependent on how much pressure you place on those potentials so keep pressurizing your potentials.


  1. You are really good and gifted….I hope 2 c u soon but maybe not in NIGIMUN…

    A really nice piece, keep it up.

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