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There’s a popular saying in the motivational world and it is, ‘if you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right.’ Possibility thinking does not mean that you have everything figured out. It simply means you’re opening your mind up for options and being flexible enough to allow your mind to get to work rather than shutting it down. With a possibility mindset, solutions draw near. Without it, our minds shut down.

The concept of possibility thinking is getting you into the zone where you believe nearly everything you can imagine is possible. The debate or question isn’t whether it is possible. The question is how, where when, and why? If you tell yourself why it is important to do something rather than say it is impossible, you will find a reason to do it.

When you come to terms with the fact that something has to be done and you ask yourself when it should be done and how it can be done, you may not have immediate answers but you may eventually find answers internally or from other people.

Having the possibility mindset and doing the possibility thinking always is the best ways to forge ahead in life. It is sometimes like tasking your mind to produce the answers you thought you didn’t have. It is also about keeping your mind open for answers from other people.

With possibility thinking, someone may say something that’s totally unconnected with the problem you need to solve but their words can prompt something that gives you the solution. When you don’t want or encourage possibility thinking, you shut your mind completely and it doesn’t matter if someone is spelling out a solution for you in plain words, you will never see the solution.

There are those who see the solution to every problem while there are those who see the problem with every solution.

Those who see solutions and problems will always be right and both of them will have their desired or proclaimed results. You need to understand that sometimes, your solutions may not work out as you thought about it but the fact that you thought and believed in a solution ultimately produces a solution. When you do not believe in a solution you will see one and walk past it because your mind has already been told there’s no solution.

You can see possibility thinking or otherwise in the attitude of friends, teammates, or colleagues at work. There may be someone who is always saying there is a way around a problem or the seemingly impossible task can be done. There’s also someone who believes that even the simplest of tasks can’t be accomplished. To them, everything is difficult. Everything has an obstacle waiting for it out there.

Guess what? Even the Bible recognizes the people who do not believe in possibility thinking and always find a problem for every solution. It says there are those who will tell you there is a lion out there when there is none. Let’s even agree that there is a lion out there. If there is, there must be a way out. It’s either to trick the lion and get away or kill the lion. One of the two among many other options must be possible. You may also think about feeding the lion so that it can focus on the food while you get away.

Now the scenario of a lion being out there is like an impossible situation. However, with possibility thinking, there is something that can be done. Approach your life, career, business, and any other thing you do with a possibility mentality and work hard to achieve the things you have thought possible.

You think about the possibility of something and you get to work. You don’t think about it and wish it into reality or just hope it happens. You think about it and make it a reality.

Possibility thinking works and it can still get you out of the woods in most situations of life.  

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