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Many of us don’t seem to realize that what adversity does to us is more than physical. We go through it and almost forget what we went through after a big break but people around us start wondering why we are making some funny choices. For some, they lose the will power to go after something big and take a risk. Others just become really cold and too withdrawn.
There are those who don’t get there big break not because the adversity is not over. The only reason their big break does not come is because the adversity has taken the courage to try again from them. I think that you may lose anything in life but if you do not lose the courage to try again, you have not lost a lot.
Why did I say that? I know about people who can lose nearly all that they have but as soon as they come down to nothing, they are already up to something. When I say up to something I mean they are already gathering the energy to try something again. You can take all that they have but they will never let you take the hope that is in them. And so long as you can’t take their hope and their lives, they will certainly come out of any adversity better than they were.
Let’s say there are two categories of people in life. The first set will be people who will be shut down completely by adversity. Even when they are done with the adversity they will never make anything good out of their lives again. The other category of people shows you people who will always use their adversity as the spring board to try again. Failure never discourages such people. It just looks like the more they fail the more they are willing to try something new. Make them fail and you will see them trying another thing again. Throw some disasters in their way and the next day they are up and running as if nothing happened to them.
One of the greatest blows of adversity on the people who have gone through them is that they just don’t want to try things they will ordinarily try before adversity. Each time they want to try it they remember what they went through and the memory does not leave them with a good feeling. They don’t want to go through that again so they just don’t dare new things.
Adversity can make some people lose the capacity to dream. You may have met some people who used to have really big dreams. You will expect such people will carry through with the dreams. Even if they had a temporary setback you want to see them get back on their feet and start running with the vision again. You just will be surprised to see that something in them has already changed just because of what they went through. Those big dreams that used to be their passions have lost life and they are now letters on the pages of a document in a forgotten file.
Please note this in all that you do. Most people will not fail because of the adversity that they have experienced. The reason they fail is because they let the experience of the adversity cripple them. That also means they end up losing a future to a past experience. It is the proof that many of us are always looking back rather than looking forward in the way we live our lives.
My dear, you can make something out of your life no matter what you have already experienced in life. You have the power, regardless of the past to still move on and do much more than moving on. Many people just move on and they exist rather than live life to the fullest. You can do more than that. Get up, dare to dream again and live your life to the fullest without any limitation of the past holding you to ransom.

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