Post dated dreams | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When dreams first hit us in a flash of inspiration, some hormones get to work. They release some extra energy in us and the physical proof of that is the excitement that we show.
We are so happy about the new possibilities that we have seen in our minds. Even if no one sees what we have seen, we think it will become a reality very soon and they will all see what got us so excited.
After a while when we have tried all that we have, and the dreams don’t seem to work out, frustrations begin to set in. We can’t understand why the dreams don’t work when we tried to push them. We want them to work and have done our best but they are just not working.
It recently hit me that many people are working on a post dated dream just like a man in the banking hall who wants to cash a post dated cheque before the due date. I remember anchoring an event for someone as a Master of Ceremony and he gave me a cheque immediately after the event on a weekend.
Getting a cheque didn’t seem good because I wanted my money immediately but I had no choice. Waiting till Monday will not kill. I could barely wait till Monday morning before getting dressed and heading for the bank. I wanted to beat the rush and the frustrating crowd in the bank. Thankfully I only had to wait a few minutes since I got there early.
A guy who works in the bank was giving me a compliment for my tie while I eagerly waited for the lady attending to me to present the cash. Rather than present the cash, she called my attention to the date on the cheque. The cheque was not due until another twenty four hours. There is no amount of begging, no matter how desperate I was for the money, that will get the money out.
In this situation, not even the bank manager or the owner of the bank, if he were my friend, can get the money out for me. The instruction of the cheque is clear and nothing, except the person who wrote it, can change it.
It’s the same when you are chasing a vision that has not matured. You will be frustrated chasing a vision that was only meant for a time in the future. That is why the Bible says the vision is for an appointed time. Nothing will happen before the appointed time of that vision. Things can only start happening within the appointed time of the vision.
If you have been struggling so much with a vision or dream, one of the things you need to ask yourself is if you are operating in the appointed time of that vision. Once you have seen that the vision you are trying to birth is not in its appointed time, just stop struggling with it.
To force a vision into life before its appointed time can sometimes be likened to having a baby before her due date. Everyone will say that’s a premature baby. Even though there are facilities to keep the baby alive in those circumstances, there is no guarantee that the baby will live.
What you should do is to prepare yourself and keep preparing because its never too much until the appointed time of the vision. Two major things can happen when you try to drive a dream before its time. You will either kill the dream or the dream, where it is a very powerful one, will kill you.
Your dream does not need to die and it does not have to kill you. Just wait for the appointed time of your dreams and watch the resources you used to struggle for fall into place easily.

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