Praise can cause your bursting out | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You. Then the earth shall yield her increase; God, our own God, shall bless us. – Psalms 67: 5-6.
There can be a bursting out of miracles, promotions, and many other things that we have been praying about if only we will praise God. Many Christians pray and it is one thing that we must do. The problem is that we don’t praise as much as we pray.
It’s been said repeatedly that when we pray, God sends angels to attend to those petitions as we see in several scriptures. However, when we give heartfelt praise to God, he comes down and great things happen. We saw in the book of acts 16:25-26 where Paul and Silas prayed and the presence of God shook the foundation of the prison in the form of an earthquake.
There may be things that we have been expecting from God and we have also prayed about. Those things may have been delayed for a very long time but when we begin to praise God, what seems delayed will no longer be delayed. Praise can cause your bursting forth to begin. When you praise God and he is moved, he swings into action. When he swings into action, he clears all the obstacles along the way. Then all the things that have hindered your bursting out will no longer be a problem to you.
That’s why the book of Psalms in chapter 67 verses 5 and 6 make us understand that when the people praise God, the earth will yield her increase. There are doors that may be locked against us. There may be things that belong to us that have been buried somewhere. Something valuable that belongs to us may be held back by someone just because they don’t like us and want us to succeed. All that can be taken care of when we praise God. The Bible says the earth will yield her increase.
This also implies that the earth has had the increase for us for some time. It is there and remains there until we begin to praise God. Nothing happens if we don’t praise God. When we want those miracles to start happening, we must praise God. When we want those promotions to come, we should praise God. If we want international doors to open to us, praising God is a must and not a choice.
If there are things you have been praying about and you are yet to get results, please stop the prayer for a while and just praise God in faith that he has done it. Sometimes when people praise God for what he is yet to do, it may not seem like a smart thing to do but whoever does that ends of giving thanks for the desired results. When a child thanks the father in advance for something that is yet to be done, the father seems to be boxed into a corner and he goes ahead to do that thing since his child has already thanked him for it.
When earthly fathers do things for their children who give thanks in advance for things yet to be done, how much more our heavenly father who is not limited by resources? As you praise God from today, there will be a bursting out of your miracles, healing, promotion, spouses, houses, businesses and every other good thing that God has been doing in your life in the mighty name of Jesus.

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