PRAY FOR OBAMA – Fola Daniel Adelesi.

There was an expectation from the entire world from an African American to break a jinx of being the first black and an African for that matter to sit on the coveted throne in the white house and to be the number one leader of the world. This was a few months back and the expectation has become a reality. All around the world, the election conducted in America on the 4th of November 2008 was nearly predictable and you have now come to see that the predictions were indeed right. Obama has won!


Beyond the victory, beyond the celebration, beyond the preference for race, beyond the ideology of the personalities approaching power, it is important to realize that man can always make plans and the aspire to change the world. It is always a proposition to change the world but the action needed to change the world is not going to be an ordinary one that an ordinary human mind can execute. It is not going to an ordinary paper work that anybody can seat with and achieve with a group of think-tanks.


There’s a whole lot more to the glamorous campaign of Obama. There’s a whole lot more to the compelling charisma that so many watching eyes fell in love with. There’s a whole lot more to the story surrounding his place of birth, place of growth and citizeship. There’s a whole lot more to the intimidating eloquence and oratory that puts him in the lineage of Abraham Lincoln, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.


Here is what is more important; A prayer for Obama. We all have seen human beings with good intentions and with nice plans on paper to execute but the turn table suddenly turns just as everyone expects and unfortunately in the wrong direction.


Let’s pray for Obama to remain strong in the burning passion for change because change is what everybody needs. If people refuse to change their environments will change and when environments change without the people changing then there will problems for the people.


Let’s pray for Obama to understand the nitty-gritty of servant leadership because no one is truly a leader until he has what it takes to be puffed up and refuses to be puffed up. Servant leadership is what all the nations of the earth need at a time like this. This is what will make the people understand that the people in power really understand what they are going through and that they are willing to help. There is no nation that will progress when the leaders think that they should be served rather than being served.


Let’s pray for Obama regarding the wisdom needed to lead because he used to be a leader of his life, a leader of his spouse, a leader of his children, a leader of his community, a leader of his nation and then a leader of his country which indirectly makes him a leader of the world. In all of these levels, the wisdom required to rule, lead or govern varies and the demand for such wisdom is also consequent upon the present level.


In my own words, I will say, May God give Obama a heart for the people. May God sustain Obama’s passion. May God give Obama wisdom and may God clear the enemies of Obama.

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