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There are too many things around us that can discourage us and we constantly find ourselves trying to struggle out of those things. Rather than struggling with all those things that are always very discouraging, I think we can focus on the things that we have already succeeded at and that way, we can be encouraged to succeed some more. In the law court there is what is called precedence. When something has happened before and a judgment is given, that case becomes a precedence for other cases in the future. You need to know that it is the same thing in your life. There are certain things you have done before that you have succeeded at and all those things you have excelled at, no matter how small they seem, have become your precedence for success in the future.
If you took an entrance examination and you passed then you can be sure that you can do much more later in the future. If you built or bought a house you can be sure that you will be able to do it again tomorrow. If it has ever happened that you got some money in a miraculous way and you are not in a serious debt, just remember that you already have a precedence for miraculous provision in your life and it can work for you again.
The idea here is that you must never keep your gaze on the very discouraging situations. There are situations in your life that have made you very happy. There are times when you got more than you were asking for in life. You have experience some level of success before now. So long as you have experienced success before, it is very possible to experience it again and even in a greater proportion.
Why are you only talking about the things that are not working for you when you have had several things working for you? When you keep talking about the things that have not worked, you keep laying a bad precedence for your life. It is as though you are saying nothing has ever worked. You are already setting a record by focusing on the negative. After a while, when positive things want to happen in your life, they will not find a precedence to hang on and they will not happen. But as for the negative events, they will always find a precedence because you constantly talked about the things that never worked for you.
Set a precedence for your life right now in the right direction. Keep talking about the things that have happened for good. Emphasize them and make a connection between the good things that have happened and the good things that you are expecting. That way you open up room for more great things to happen in your life. You are making room for more opportunities to come your way.
For me, my past writing records have in a way encouraged me to see the possibility of doing much more than what I had. The speaking platforms that have been open to me have also been a source of encouragement to see that bigger speaking platforms will still open to me and they are happening already! Each time I remember how I got on television the first time and how I have been invited repeatedly to speak on different issues on television, I have no doubt that the bigger television progammes will happen for me. I already have a precedence on radio as well and I keep hanging on all the precedence that I have experienced in life to get more things out of life.
It is amazing how it works and apart from the fact that it is precedence, you can also say that it follows the law of growth. You get something and you nurture it to keep grow. You can also nurture the previous successes in your life to make sure they grow in your life.
Don’t look at the failures or the challenging situations again! They are there but they will not move you forward. Pick up your dreams again and hang on to the precedence of success to succeed more!    

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