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Have you ever heard about how, unconsciously, people focus on what they do not want, keep talking about the things that are not going well and they keep getting more of the wrong things? When the wrong things keep happening then they say, ‘I said it!’ If you said it and it happened then I think you should have enough common sense to say the things that you really like to see! That’s why I want to challenge you to predict a happy ending for yourself!
You may have also seen a number of films where the actors and actresses seem to be going through a lot of terrible things. You just don’t know why they have to go through what they are going through. Sometimes you are moved for the actors and you wish they could just do something differently so that another bad thing will not happen to them. Once in a while we get so carried away and even forget the fact that we are watching an already scripted movie which may not be a real life story. We also forget so soon that those things happening are not actually happening to the people we seen in the movies.
When we get so attached to someone who seems to have suffered so much, some may not want that suffering to continue and out of pity or optimism we begin to predict a happy ending for that person. We begin to say that this film ought to end in favour of this person. We really don’t want that person to just suffer all through the film without experiencing some favour or moving from grace to grace. Sometimes when we predict the happy ending, it works that way!
It is important for you to predict a happy ending for yourself as well. You are sometimes like that actor or actress in the movie who has been going through a lot. It just looks like nothing has favoured you. Well I am glad that the film of your life is not over yet. You have a chance to make the film a more interesting film. You have gone through a lot, maybe from the beginning of a year, and now it looks like the year is ending without anything coming forth for you.
Let me remind you of a few things that actors and actresses do because you are the one acting out the script of your life right now! Sometimes when actors and actresses forget their lines and they are on stage for a live performance, they are permitted to improvise! They can just think on the spot and find words that suit the scene they are acting. Now you need to know that even if a bad script has been written about you and your life was to end in a bad way, pretend you forgot those bad lines! Or you make sure you forget those bad lines and improvise good lines for yourself!
Don’t ever think that a movie is so different from your life and what you see in a movie may not happen in your life! Just think of some good lines and predict a happy ending for yourself. Stop talking about how bad things have done. Stop ranting about what did not work. Just forget about all the times you failed. We have already heard enough about people who don’t think you will amount to much in life. Stop acting out the opinions of other people.
This is your life and you are, in a way, or to an extent, the script writer. Do you want a tragic ending for yourself or a happy ending? In fact, don’t only predict it, act it and have it!            

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