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A lot of people truly want to be great but they just find that somewhere along the line they are stuck and seem to be far from what you can call greatness. They don’t even know what to do with themselves anymore but when they started out they thought they were set for greatness! You need to know that any greatness you will attain is within you and for you to have a physical manifestation of that greatness all you need to do is to live from the inside out!
You cannot take the things on the outside and try to use such for yourself so that you can look great! If all you do is to make things appear great then you will only appear great but it does not mean that you will become great! Greatness is on the inside and you cannot take that away from anyone who has it.
One of the things that anyone who wants to be great in life should do, like any other thing is to prepare for greatness rather than just hope that by some miracle the greatness will happen! Greatness does not just happen in people’s lives! People live everyday of their lives preparing for the greatness in their hearts and when you do not have any greatness in your heart that you are preparing for then you should not expect any greatness!
How do you prepare for greatness? Interestingly I do not think it is something really complex! All I think you really need to do to prepare for greatness is to understand what you were born to do in life! We all have greatness embedded in us when we were created and before we were born but for the greatness to come alive, we need to identify why we were born!
Our greatness is tied to the purposes for which we were born so the first step toward greatness is for you to know what you were born to do. As soon as you know what you were born to do, you should know that you cannot just jump at it and think that you will instantly become great since you are doing what you were born to do! You have to learn something! You have to learn some new skills that will help you to achieve what you were born to do! Apart from the personal skills you will learn, you are most likely going to lead some other people in order to get to that picture of greatness so you must go and learn leadership! If you do not know how to lead people then you may have some challenges becoming great in life!
Every person that became great knew what he or she was living for, understood and acquired some skills relevant for the purpose and all learnt how to lead other people in order to achieve that greatness.
You must always know that greatness is embedded in you and you are the one who must release that greatness. It’s no longer the responsibility of any other person to get the greatness out of you.
You cannot go through life just hoping something will happen for you if you do not work on making things happen for yourself and the way to do that is to prepare for greatness! Find the reason you were born, acquire skills relevant to the purpose for which you were born and learn how to lead other people in preparation for your greatness!
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