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Not too many of us like pressure but we need to understand that there are some forms of pressure we must go through and it is those pressures that will produce some of the expected results in our lives, businesses and country. Until we have successfully gone through the pressure we cannot get the desired result. It’s like the tea bag in a cup of hot water! If you don’t put the tea bag in hot water there is no way the taste and real colour will come out. The moment you pour hot water on the tea bag, you will see an instant change and that is what the tea bag was originally designed to look like. The pressure from the hot water will bring out it best from it.
When you take a look at football as well or any other thing that bounces very well, you will realize that the beauty of the ball is in its ability to bounce. A ball can’t be said to be a good ball if it is only seating on a shelf and it has not been tested before. You cannot say it must be a good ball just because it looks big. It is only referred to as a good ball when it has been tested by the pressure from the footballers’ feet. They must hit it very hard. It must be able to bounce as much as they want it to. It needs to curve the way they want it to curve. It needs to find its way into the goal post depending on how the players are playing it. If hitting and bending or curving does not happen then the ball will never be referred to as a good ball. It is the pressure that makes it a good ball.
In your own life as well you will realize that it is the pressure you went through that made you who you are today. You cannot say you are a graduate without going through school and writing examinations or being subjected to some tests by your teachers. If that is the way it is in school you also need to know that it happens like that in life. You will have to go through some pressures before you can get your desired results.
The pressure is not really sweet. It does not come easy and it is never convenient but it’s like paying the price you have to pay in order to get what you need to get. If you don’t pay the price then you get nothing and if you do not go through the pressure you will not get to the high place you want to get to in life. You will feel like giving up when the pressure comes or when it starts. You will want to say that you are not going through the process. In that time when you feel like going back you just need to remember what you will get at the end of the day. I really don’t know about you but there were times in school when I felt like back out. I felt the stress was just too much and the lecturers were not helping. Nevertheless, the goals ahead of you will always be more important than the challenges right in front of you. You must go through those challenges to get to the pressure.
Life offers you the season of work and the season of rest. You may also get the season of multiplication. If you work when you are supposed to work and also go through all the needed pressures, you will rest when it is time to rest and also enjoy multiplication. Don’t back out of any required process for your success because of the pressure involved!
I remember that when I was a student at Mayflower School, one of the quotes we chanted so often was ‘whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well, then the principal of the school would add ‘and must be done with undivided attention.’ Go for the goals and go through the pressure because it will produce the desired results!

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