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For anyone who desires to prosper in life, I cannot tell you how many keys there are to prosperity just as so many other authors or speakers may have done. What I can tell you is that when you know the right principles and you engage or activate them, principles will always command prosperity regardless of who you are. It is because principles command prosperity that a pauper can become rich and a rich person can also become poor. I have watched some people engage principles and I have seen them getting blessed beyond their imagination.
I don’t know how may tactics you may have tried but here is one simple one that you will not break a sweat on and it will work for you. We all know that when you give then you are opening up chances for yourself to receive more. When you now give to a blessed person then the harvest is bound to come. You don’t have to be a Christian or be a professor to engage the law of giving. It works for anyone that practices it and it will never respect anyone’s title so long as you do not practice it.
The fact that prosperity answers to principles follows the precedence of having ‘the key’ to open ‘the door.’ Only the right key will open the door. At some point in Nigeria there was a Yoruba slogan ( firigbon o si ilekun). That means it’s not your huge size that will open the door. The door remains shut until you insert the right key. You can be taller than the door but it will not open. You can be so fat that you need to turn to go in through the door but that will not open the door. Only the right key gives you access and activating principles is what gives you access to prosperity.
Rather than run around and looking for keys to prosperity, all you need to know is the secret things that command prosperity. One major thing that commands prosperity is the principles that you know and apply. If you know it there will be no difference until you apply it. Do you want to get more than you really need? Start giving to people in need and also give sacrificially and you will be amazed at the results. Do you want to be at the top tomorrow, treat people right today. Believe in them and help them succeed in anyway you can. Very soon, you will get recommendations from people you have forgotten that you once helped.
If you have hatred in you it will be returned to you easily by the people around but when you show love, it will not be hard to find it. If you genuinely love people and do things in order to make life easier for them, you will in return enjoy inexplicable love and will just have a way with people.
Some people know how to fast and pray so that they can get what principles will give to them but some of them soon realize they are just jokers. It is good to fast and pray but when you do that and still don’t engage the right principles you are in an exercise in futility.
I also think we might just consider some principles to engage in order to command prosperity and they are:
1. Giving to the poor, your parents, your spouse, pastors or mentors and other leaders.
2. Information gathering and application of the gathered information
3. Service to God.
4. Guarding time jealously
5. Honest work with your hands or head.
Anyone who knows how to engage principles, especially using some of those highlighted will definitely command prosperity in a short time.
Begin the application or activation of principles today and command prosperity!
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