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A few days ago I got talking with someone and we were talking about packaging. It turns out that this person believes in spending a good fortune on some high tech gadgets. I have some gadgets that you may not consider expensive but they get the jobs done for me so he was asking me why I don’t go for the expensive ones. My answer was simply about prioritizing your packaging.
What does it mean to prioritize your packaging? I will break it down with a few situations that we all need to look at. Someone like me does a lot speaking and writing. Before people meet me, my packaging will most likely be determined by the quality of speech and writing they have heard and seen from me. So at that level I must invest a lot in producing great content. That is my own packaging for those who are yet to meet me.
Another person will run a kind of business that requires several people going into their offices. If they always need to meet clients in their offices then they have to invest in the packaging of their offices because that is where the business is being done.
When you look around you will also find that there are people who may not really need offices. They are the ones who often go to their clients. In that case those people will have to invest in their appearances and their mobility.
You will also have those who may never meet the people they are selling to. But their products or service will always be out there so you have to make sure your products are well packaged and your services come in great packages.
What is the essence of bringing all these up? It is to show you that different people will eventually have different things to focus on when it comes to packaging especially if the business or person is just getting started and you can’t throw all your capital into packaging.
The point is that there is something that serves you the most in the presence of your customers. So prioritizing your package is about focusing more, without neglecting others, on that thing that your clients will always see when they meet you, where they meet you or when they see your product.
There are people out there who are spending a lot of money on the wrong package. You pay to brand the things your clients never get to see or brand the things that don’t bring back returns in any way.
Don’t forget that packaging is like a form of capital. One of the major reasons you are packaging is to get a better impression in the minds of your prospective client. You always want to come first in their minds so that when they think of business in line with what you do they come for you first. That also means you are expecting returns on those things you have packaged.
If you have been doing a lot of branding or packaging, check what you have been focusing on to see if that’s what the client really wants or if that is what places you in a better position on the client’s mind.
While all that packaging is necessary remember that it becomes productive only when it has added value to your perception and ultimately, your returns.

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