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Prodigals in the line of calling | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
It is very easy for a lot of people to quote the Bible and say, I shall not die but live The only challenge I have with this is that they often do not quote the second part which states why they would not die. We were not only given the promise of life so that we can live for as long as we want to without giving anything in return. As a matter of fact, the reason we were given a promise of life is because of the purpose that prompted our birth in the first place. God would spare us to live so that we can declare His works through the fulfillment of our purposes.
You are not alive so that you can just enjoy Gods provision and have all the fresh air to yourself. You were not born to be a part of the population of your community or your country and you were not born simply because human beings have to be born. From the time you were born, everything that was provided for you was because you had to be spared for a time when you would begin to fulfill purpose in life. The reason you had enough to eat was because you had a calling over your life. You alive not because you know what to do so as not to die but because you have been preserved for a calling.
If you are still alive and you are not responding to the call then you are a prodigal son or daughter according to calling. The prodigals are not just people who waste money and sepnd without a plan. The context of waste here is to use something outside of the purpose for which it was meant. You are currently wasting your life if you are not in the place of calling because that life was spared for an assignment and not for you to just get busy with making money. If only a lot of people know that they can make a lot of money in the place of their calling without struggling as much as they are right now, they would have swung into their calling a long time ago.
Your calling has a time frame and you are already wasting some part of that time if you have not started by now. Imagine that you have just 30 years for the calling and you have already wasted 15 years, it means that you have double your efforts to be able to do what you were originally scheduled to accomplish. If you needed 3 hours to do something you would now have to put in about 6 hours but the unfortunate thing is that there are some other things that work strictly by timing. Once you dont do them in their time there is no way you can get them done again. You have already missed that timing and its gone forever.
You have already been receiving the grace of God all these years and you have received His provision as well. The provisions were not meant for you to enjoy alone. They were meant for the calling and you are a prodigal if you have been enjoying the provision without getting into the calling. You also need to remember that God can at any time seize the provision when you refuse to yield to His calling. Stop being a prodigal. You know you were blessed to be a blessing to someone else not only through your money but through your gifting. Get into the place of your calling now and stop wasting the resources of God on your selfish plans. He blessed you because He called you. He did not bless you to use the gift anyhow! Stop being a prodigal!
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