Basic Skills for Outstanding Leadership – ISBN 9789789847365




Leadership plays a critical role in the lives of every human being. Whether consciously or not, some people become leaders. There are positional leaders and there are leaders who simply lead by influence. We also have circumstantial leaders that became leaders because of something that happened unexpectedly. There was a vacuum and they were the only available person to take up the leadership position.

If you are going to lead, it is important to become outstanding and this book takes care of all the basics when it comes to outstanding leadership. Leadership involves people and understanding how to simply manage them effectively is important.

Whether you think you are a born leader or trained leader, you will see the most important things a leader needs to become effective at leading people. You are not expected to be the best or be the most informed. You are simply expected to lead and leading isn’t a burden when you understand the skills that you need to lead.

Some people make leadership look like it can only be done by people who are out of this world. This book just wants to make you see that you can lead when you equip yourself with the right skills.

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