Breaking Grounds Despite Backgrounds – ISBN 9789789648641




Breaking grounds despite background is a mind-set realignment book that seeks to inform or remind every reader of what they can possibly do regardless of their backgrounds. While many may succeed because of the privileged backgrounds they were born into, there are many others who can use their not-too-pleasant backgrounds as the springboard to success.

Leveraging a paradigm shift, anyone, including you, regardless of your starting point in life can rise to any imaginable height in life. This book shows you that you may not have been able to determine where and how you were born or to whom, you still determine how far you go in life.

Each chapter is a step by step approach about paying attention to what needs to change, stop or start. By the time you’re done reading this book and you start applying the tips, you will be ready to start breaking grounds despite backgrounds if you haven’t started.

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