The Nigeria of my Dreams – ISBN 9789789835287



The Nigerian nation is, undoubtedly, a richly blessed nation which reflects unimaginable squalor and deals consistently with self-imposed entanglements that have become walk-overs for much smaller nations.

From our amalgamation in 1914, we’ve been on a journey together as a nation for well over a hundred years and 2020 is the sixtieth anniversary of our independence from the Britons. Today, in 2020, we are still dealing with teething problems of toddler-nations because some people at the helm of affairs only groomed their teeth and not their brains or any other capacity required to build a nation.

That’s why we are still dreaming for a desired nation after sixty years of independence. This book is about the hope and aspiration of a passionate Nigerian regarding the nation he would like to hand over to his children while hoping that his children will not be having the same dream but experiencing the realities of these dreams.

The author hopes to see a new Nigeria in his lifetime which is clearly the responsibility of both citizens and the few in government.

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