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It is true that most of us do not like to be under pressure but at some points in our lives if we are going to move forward then we must go through some kind of very productive pressure so that we can become better people, become more useful to ourselves and as well to the society! Well if you do not like pressure you are obviously not ready to get to a great destination in life! When you think that pressure is not good for you then you are not going to go very far in life!
When you take a good look at football then you will see that the footballers get the best of the ball when more pressure is applied to the ball. When you just play it lightly then you don’t get more but when you apply more pressure it can even be so fast that your opponent can’t who’s standing at the goal post can’t stop the ball! If you need to get a goal then the pressure must be applied. It is also the same with certain things in life! If you need to get to some levels you will need to go through some pressure at the present level because it is the pressure you have gone through that will make people say that you have been tested and that you can be recommended
In the case of precious stones, silver and gold that we buy on the shelves of stores today at very high cost, we must remember that the only reason we don’t mind the cost is not only because those things are beautiful. We must always remember that they come out that beautiful because they have gone through a level of pressure and to an extent we are paying the price we pay on them just because of the level of pressure that has brought out the best in them.
Some people say that life is beautiful and they really believe that you can enjoy life but you must remember that in order to enjoy life there is a level of pressure you must go through before getting to the level of enjoyment! Life is only beautiful when you have paid the price that’s due to be paid! Things will work better when you pay the necessary price which is to sometimes just under go some pressure in the work place or pressure in the family. For a student it will be some pressure in school from your teachers or lecturers and sometimes it could also be the pressure that places more demands on our skills or time! If we are in the right place and we have our plans well laid out with the vision of where we are going then we will need some kind of pressure to get there!
Spare a moment and imagine the cars that you drive or see on the roads! The cars are all sitting some tyres but what has always amazed me is the fact that the car is made of iron while the tyres are just rubbers pumped up to support the weight of the cars! For a long time I have wondered how iron can seat and also move at top speed just by seating on rubbers but at some point the only explanation I can give is that the tyres were designed to take some levels of pressure! The rubber that was used to make the tyres expands and it can as well contract so it can stay longer under the iron! Whenever it can no longer be flexible then it bursts! When you are also not flexible enough to go through pressure then you are probably ready to burst in life!
Be ready for a measure of positive pressure because you will always need it to get going in life especially to access the new level that you want to get to!
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