Productivity … provision + ability + activity | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Productivity is a word that has almost become so common in the corporate world today and it is unfortunate that a lot of people no longer pay so much attention to the weight of the word and how it can help individuals live a wonderful life in this present day. Productivity is simply your ability to produce something but I will want you to see it from a different perspective. Let us assume that the ‘pro’ is from the word provision and that ‘ductivity’ will be your activities that yield or produce result, then it means that every man has provision for something.
When we therefore talk about productivity, we are looking at the meaningful things you have done using your ability and the provision that you have. Your provisions include the time that you have on daily basis and the free money that you get or the money that you even work for. If you are able to earn 1 million from a business, then we can say that is your productivity because it was a combination of the business tools, time and knowledge that you have. To be productive you must harness the time in your hands, the resources around you, the skills and you have and you must use the knowledge available to you. In order to improve your productivity, you have to learn more and add more skills from time to time. Find out what you do so well today and do it productively. Don’t stop being productive, my dear!

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