Promise us you will not die young! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I see a lot of young people around who seem to be so preoccupied with working and making all the money they can make within the shortest possible period! Some others are not so concerned about getting money in so short a time but they will work their entire life out in such a way that you can tell if they do not slow down, they are going to break down in a short while. As much as we advocate hard work and smart work for people to succeed in what they do, it’s also very important to remind some workaholics to slow down! I already said in one of my recent posts on that if you do not rest you will soon be laid to rest!
You should always remember that we need you around and when I say that we need you around I mean it! Don’t even think that you do not know me in person and that it is not true that we need you. I don’t have to know you in person before needing you around me! There are people we have never met before and we may never meet them but they have been a great part of our lives and they will continually be a part of our lives going by what they have invented or the solutions they profer.
It is my belief that you are one of the solution providers that this country really needs and if you die too soon or as a young person you would have just dashed the hope of the entire country to get so close to a solution. I think I need to give you some kind of reminder as to how important you are to the system you are in. I know it may not look to you like you are very important but that’s what you think! Never ever think again that you are not so important to a system! Stop thinking that you are not so important to the community that you live in or the country that you belong to! You are really needed around!
Even if you think that your country or community does not need you, what about your family and friends? Slow down and don’t die young! You need to work but you should also strategize on how the work would be done. There are certain things you will almost kill yourself for only for you to get them done and realize it was not really worth the tension you went through!
Honestly, you are better off being alive than dead so you’ve got to promise us that you will not die young because we need more human resources to tap from!
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