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Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.
Acts 4:13 (NKJV)
I already shared a few times that I am deeply concerned about what we call Christianity today. That’s what prompted me to write articles like ‘Will this church take you to heaven’ and ‘Spiritual Bus Conductors.’ There a few others on Take a good look at the verse above and think about our lives today then you will understand my concerns.
The men were seen as untrained men. It was also clear they were not educated but the people who brought out their limitations were the ones who also said they perceived that these people had been with Jesus. Why is this important? The same people who are talking about these men as uneducated were the ones who marveled at the wisdom of Jesus. They were the ones who asked how he got his wisdom seeing that he has not been to their schools.
These statements also prove the fact that Jesus’ effort at teaching the disciples was not in vain. They did not go to school but when they spoke, the people who heard them could only connect their wisdom to the wisdom of Christ. We can also see that they were real ambassadors of Christ. If they were not, no one would have said that they perceive these ones had been with Christ.
For those of us in church today, what does it mean for outsiders to perceive that we have been with Christ? Are we just bench warming or is anyone even perceiving that we have been with Christ? How can you been a child of God and no one has even perceived that you have been with Christ?
When you look at the actions of some Christians today, you just will not think about people who have been with Christ. You can simply think of Antichrist and you will be right. They talk anyhow and live their lives anyhow. They have no respect for other people and are doing all sort of things that other people are not expected to do. Some others who are watching them with the intention of coming to Christ have now made up their minds that they will never come to Christ if ‘these ones’ are the ambassadors of Christ.
Can we reevaluate our relationship with Jesus and think about all the things we have learnt in church every Sunday in past years? Who amongst our peers, as a result of those teachings, have perceived that we have been with Jesus? Do our neighbours even think that we have been with Jesus? What do our co-workers think?
The verse above says they saw the boldness of Peter and John. Why do you think they were that bold? I think there could be a number of reasons for their boldness. These can include:
1. They had received the Holy Ghost
2. The Holy Ghost gave them power and boldness
3. They had been properly taught by Jesus.
4. They had nothing to hide.
5. Their aim was to spread the news about Jesus.
Many of the Christians today will easily pass with the reasons given above from 1 to 3. From 4 and 5, they will be found wanting. Many Christians today have so much to hide and so they cannot show forth the kind of boldness that Peter and John showed. As for the fifth reason, we all know that there are too many people out there whose aim is not to spread the news about Jesus but to enhance their pockets and expand their influence.
My charge to you as I conclude is to live a different life in today’s world where following God has been redefined to suit man. We are not trying to tell God how we want to follow him. It is not our duty to show others how we think God should be followed. We are to follow God the way he asks us to follow him in our words and actions. When we do this then other people around can perceive that we have been with Jesus! It is very important to live our lives in a way others will perceive that we have been with Jesus. This will be a good testimony for us (a good name is better than gold and silver) and many more people can be drawn to Christ through us – since it is said that we are now the Bible that the world is reading.

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